April 17, 2009

Murphy's Law

Himself: Got an unexpected bonus, and I am insisting he spend it on himself. Very happy.

Herself: I couldn’t get warm yesterday morning. No pool. I stayed home and got warm. Last night I put a real quilt on the bed, and both of our inner cores were warm this morning.

Reading: Spandau.

Balance: Walking gently on Shelter Island. Photographing the Oculus on the new Hubble pavilion for Beth.

Despite all my careful organization yesterday, Murphy’s Law won.

Oh, I was clean, my poem printed, and even Ross the Bunny was in my purse. My lunch was packed by the door, and I had time to work on G’daughter Beth’s architectural list. Lunch was packed. G drove Grumpy, and Myrtle the Toyota waited in the garage. My co-rider even arrived early. There were moments to chat. Imagine.

When we walked down to the car, I couldn’t find my car keys. I ran upstairs twice…that’s four flights up and four flights down….to check all the usual suspects, but no car keys. I felt like a total fool when I had to tell my rider that there were no car keys.

She drove. I hung my head, and while I rode to pick up the next passenger, I went through my purse for the third time saying, “I put them in the little inside pocked.”

They weren’t in one, but they sure were in another.

. __________ .

At the poets group, after I expressed how happy I was that everyone loved the bunny story…and shared the bunny, I read the poem on anger. They not only told me I was turning into a poet, they did make a few suggested changes all in the stanza I had been struggling with. I’m now an improved poet, and I came home feeling less the fool.

No blog entry tomorrow. Or only a small one.

We will be out of here early. At eight we are meeting Beth and her mom in the park to work on the architectural paper. They have to leave their house at 0630 to make it. At noon we are lunching before G goes to work. He gets off at five, and we will be dinnering in PB at The Athena with the Feasters. I do so love The Athena’s food. Of all the Greek food I’ve tried here in San Diego, theirs is the best.

I’ll stop in Sunday. They’ll time for an entry and time to jaunt around to see how you all are.

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