April 26, 2009


Tower artist’s studio, Spanish Village, Balboa Park, 2009.

Himself: Went through all his socks. Ah, the important things.

Herself: Bought an architecture book at an estate sale.

Reading: That mystery.

Balance: The Zoo and park.

Caught my attention: One tile maker and one painter in the Spanish Villiage artist studios.

I took G with me yesterday, and I tried that blingy dress on for him at the Cancer Society Thrift Store. I didn’t think it would fit, not marked 3X, but it looked as if it was designed on me. I’m stylin’.

The Zoo was stylin’ too as were the artists in Spanish Village which had been built for the 1935 Exposition. Designed to reflect ordinary village life in Spain, small winding streets, arches and deep porticos were built to last as a part of several permanent buildings in the park.

I stepped into any studio that caught my eye. Here are some small but delightful Plein Air paintings with a glimpse into the artists studio behind. The artists pay a small rent to the city, and they can use the space as both a studio and a gallery. They cannot live there……or so the rules said in the 1980’s when I was last there.

Here’s Don Knapp surrounded by his colorful pieces. He’s of an age with many of my painter friends, and though he did remember Fleming he didn’t remember Don DeLlamas …who I miss so much.

There were Kathy Walkers tiles to pull me into her studio. Oh, I was forward this day. Photographs, paintings, a book sale where I found a 1948 booklette to go with a Westinghouse refrigerator. Sunshine. And later, dinner out.

What more could one want of such a stylin’ Southern California day.


  1. Looks like a wonderful quirky place.

  2. when we lived in a marina for three years, we were told the phrasing was "no one lives here, but people spend lots of time on their boats. ha!


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