May 26, 2009

Back to Real Life

G at Fort Rosecrans Sunday.

Today: Laundry, take stuff to the thrift shop, swimming….you know, those sorts of real things.

Himself: With unemployment increasing, he is trying to look at many things.

Herself: Trying not to make my kids current disappointments mine.

Reading: Plodding through the Dresden series. It is suggested that things improve.

Balance: Weight watchers.

  • Sunday we made the rounds of our local cemeteries. I rarely have an urge to do this, but something kept poking me to do it. We found my father’s grave without a flag and missing it’s fancy bronze vase. Not ok. I trimmed him up, complained, and by the time I got home there was a phone call saying all was back in order. We visited yesterday, and with the help of a grounds keeper put the vase in the hole and installed the flag. Some days it does pay to get up.

  • Eldest daughter is doubly miserable over failing math and learning her sponsor has inoperable lung cancer. Youngest is going to be laid off…they are trying to get rid of her, and her husband is being laid off from the local newspaper. They will lose their house if they are laid off. I’m doing my best to just listen.

  • G spoils me. I found a brand of denims that fit perfectly and that I like. Walmart carries that brand, and Walmart is one of those places that I have boycotted for years because of their business practices. G took me to three Walmarts yesterday then out to dinner at Felipe’s in Little Italy. At least we split the meal if not the celebratory cake.

  • It’s back into real life today which includes laundry. I won’t tell you how high, how wide, how tall the pile of laundry looms both in my mind and in reality. Instead I will suggest the thought of me running to the pool after putting in a load, running to the store after starting another load, running down to start another load while beginning a little ditty about travel writing and coding it all of it for the blog which means running back up again. An almost endless loop. Two flights of stairs down, and two flights of stairs up. I should be fractionally thinner by the end of the day.


  1. I didn't know of the custom to put flags on graves for Mermorial Day. Great shot. Are the two layoffs official, or is there any chance the employers will reconsider?

  2. No, three. Daughter will get herself fired. Her husband is one of 120 some this week laid off by our local's going to fade away. And my husband....only we don't know when. No chance of anything else but lay offs.

  3. The economy stinks...the layoffs are so scary.


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