May 14, 2009

May 14: Too Much Food

We were woke by clanking, banging, and other enthusiastic sounds from all around us. Repairs of some sort deep in the ship...right where we were, we were sure. Breakfast on the Lido....doesn't that sound marvelous. Yes, I took pictures.

Unable to get online in the computer room. And while I struggled, G won another 200 bucks in the penny slot machines. We were all amazed. The librarian lent me another book about Alaska which I skimmed as the book had to be returned at five.

We were invited to lunch by two delightful Floridians we met over dinners. They took us to "Pinnacles"....the extra charge dining venue. I had a starter, a two inch high burger to die for, skipped the fries which I gave to G, and had an odd brownie. Met the chef and was so stunned by the food all I could say was that it was tasty. Dumb. Yes, the food was marvelous, but the service could have been sharper. Me...the old beach bum complaining about service.

Himself and our new Floridians went down to the Atrium for golf after lunch. Games were every where all to bribe the G's of the world into playing and getting them off their duffs for "Dam Dollars." I won ten Dam Dollars at the morning ring toss. Did I parenthetically say something about old hippies earlier? Beach bums? Anyway, he won and cajoled enough from others to get two hats that say "Dam Ships." He was very pleased with himself.

We packed. You know how that goes. We arrived at the "Chef's Dinner" in time for the "parade." No more parade of lights over the baked Alaska, now they have a special dinner with songs, food, and more off the menu food, inedible beef, and extra whipped cream for those of us who need veggies on the hoof instead.

I nurse incipient bronchitis. There something sits working it's way down my chest unappreciated. G's cold sprays ease it's passage.

Tomorrow we head off to Vancouver, to Seattle, then to San Diego. I'm taking a few days to process all the ephmera, the thoughts, the emotions, the photos, and the food. Did I say that?

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  1. I have friends like G! Lucky skunks! It sounds as if the two of you are enjoying yourselves despite the cold or whatever it is (hopefully was by now). Here I am looking forward to leaving in two days just as you're probably looking forward to getting back home. I'll stop by the next couple days, and then I'll not be by until June when I'll have a lot of catching up to do!


What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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