May 7, 2009

May 6 and 7

Himself: Is just bounding around.

Herself: Not doing so well on the 6th Unable to load pictures..
Tuesday May 5, Day 2: The fog thickened as we ate breakfast, and grew impenetrable as we began a morning mile going around and around out in the weather. While I had my severely damaged finger nails groomed into some form of normalcy for the upcoming formal dinner, himself took himself off to a gambling class. Cruising is food; we had lunch. Up by the bow, I sat through dance classes and a trivia contest and he dozed missing a lot of the ship’s movement.

He was fine. I wasn’t. How odd. It’s always G who doesn’t do well in wobbly vehicles and I who travel well. By late afternoon, after he’d won a hundred dollars at a penny slot, I had retreated to our very low room and put on a pair of his acupressure bracelet’s.

No fancy dress dinner for me. I crept to a Friend of Bill meeting then I suggested we take the meeting to a wheelchair bound person who couldn’t make it down because of the ship’s movement. There were only three of us. His thirty some years of his sobriety was a gift to get to know.

Now after a little potatoe and a dab of ice cream, I’m here writing while himself is off making is fortune at another penny slot.


Thursday, May 7, 2009. Day 3:

A much better day at sea with G’s little wrist bands not only winning and stabilizing the day for me but matching my dinner outfit too.

After a simple breakfast, we marched around the open teak decks against the wind, with the rain, and sporting glorious humor tilting against the grey skies a second day. It was a simply marvelous experience. G bingo’ed and I read, “If You Lived Here, I’d Know Your Name…” a delightful portrait of Alaska. After a light lunch, G entered the Blackjack Tournament and made it to the finals. I kept on reading in the library. I liked the library. Outside the windows squalls blew through, the sun peeked out, and the day sparkled.

Later after he didn’t win, we had a second mediocre dinner served slower than slow that led us to a second mediocre show. Hey….it was part of the ride. The best part of this trip has been the cabin stewards and the art…which includes the delightful paintings by Captain Steven Card.

Tomorrow our first stop, the charming Victoria.

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  1. and don't forget the carpets! Equal to anything in Vegas.


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