May 7, 2009

On Our Way: May 5

Himself: Fussing at the start, but began enjoying the day once started.

Herself: Cranky till I saw the sea flowing by, till I stood at the rail and felt amazed.
Once we climbed on board, the world turned into a magic French fries for both of us. Day two; Breakfast at 6, sun over a grey sea.

The travel writer, Peter Knego, often wanders around the ships he’s on photographing them in the best light. Here and there you will find moments where he says….”Random Carpet Photograph.” These amuse me no end. Today, laughing at myself, laughing at G, and laughing at Peter, I took random carpet photographs among the more traditional ship views.

And it is a traditional ship. We were warmly greeted, delighted by the Indonesian lunch, and wandered the ship until stuffed into our lifejackets….men at the back wall for women and children first. That was a new one to me.

Dinner with a delightful table filled with a greyer haired generation, skipping desert to catch the early show….why not just smile and have fun. We found under the bed space for the suitcases, the internet cafĂ©, and even a room for computer lessons. We didn’t look hard this first day for Friends of Bill….AA meetings on board, but we did find chocolate.

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  1. I don't understand why you were huddled into life jackets? (I'm catching up; maybe an explanation is forthcoming?) I'm glad you're on your way.


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