June 4, 2009

Fighting the Good Fight

The Mid-Century Modern chairs at Brian’s American Eatery. 2009.

Friend: My old Army friend David Carradine, who was Jack Carradine in those days, died in Thailand Thursday. None of the news reports list his many talents nor do they list his magnificant performance in the Broadway production of Royal Hunt of the Sun. Oh, I have stories. All his friends do, I'm sure.

Himself: Said that most of the latest workers are sloughing off at work as the countdown continues.

Herself: A bitter sweet day at the Writing Workshop yesterday. I surely will miss many of the friends I have made there. The swimming and walking are slowly beginning to pay off. I can leap out of bed most mornings now. By noon, I am slowed down but only until I get up to speed. Watercolor stuff fills the kitchen counters. Bought a new tool box for them all at Home Depot Yesterday.

Today: Came out of drive, turned right, found a woman and large dog directly in front of me and my foot slipped off the brakes twice. I was frightened to death and she was beyond angry. I don't blame her. Apologies do no good in situations like that. Ba at the pool today and I am working on acceptance.

Reading: Still the Dresdens. I don’t get much reading done these days. I used to have time to grab an hour in the afternoons, but not now. Even taking into account that I read at light speed, my reading has slowed to a crawl.

Balance: Feeling better.

I confess, we have been eating dinners out. When we continually find ourselves downtown, what else is a person to do? Oh, but we are fighting the good fight. We are slowly but surely learning new ways of eating, and I confess that it’s hard.

G and I come from the “Clean your plates for the starving children in China, Pakistan, and India,” generations. We cleaned our plates or else. G was a very rotund teen, and who knows why I wasn’t, but we both carried the clean plate tricks into our adulthood.

But why? Why not stop when we were full? Why even eat a whole dinner?

I used to scoff at the little old ladies who split their meals with their little old men. Shame on me….no more. Not only have G and I taken to sharing dinners, we now place half orders for things we used to eat in the beyond gigantic size. No effort…watch us grow fat….watch us waddle out of the restaurant.

Instead, last week at Filippi’s Italian Restaurant in Little Italy, we split one of their too big dinners. We had lasagna and ravioli….and didn’t order either sausage or a meatball topper too. We even split a small antipasto salad. Imagine that. This week at Brian’s, G had the humongous diet plate, while I confess to the patty melt. His diet dinner was so pretty, I said I would try it next time we were there. I can’t believe I said that.

Half salads are us at Pizza Nova, and half orders are us at The Tin Fish. Oh what dastardly deed might come next.

Perhaps a loss of weight?


  1. I too am learning to stop when I am full and to take home the rest. I eat out when I am tired and lazy, but sometimes I crave a home cooked meal. I often cook for just me, but its more fun when Jakes home and I have someone else to share the meal with. Like now :)

  2. Jerry and I always split in restaurants. I still get indigestion from eating too much. I love eating out -- no cooking, no dishes and the waiter is nice to me. But I go home with a tummy ache.

  3. A wise friend once said to me "We don't have to eat it all we just have to pay for it."

    So I stop when I feel full. Sometimes I take something home and sometimes I just leave it.
    I had sushi yesterday and when I had enough rice I just ate the fish and left the rice.


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