June 19, 2009

Friday Lite

Anna in Greece, Summer of 2009. She looks much like her sisters and cousins. Photo: Anna’s dads.

Himself: Counting the days: 6. Getting and then arguing about a written estimate on Grumpy’s 2 inch crease, query the two RAC’s offering jobs.

Herself: Only volunteering today. Yes, smiling.

Reading: The next Dresden but gently.

Balance: G.

  • Food Bits: Found that old 1960’s green salad with oranges, and it was delicious for dinner last night: Dressing: 1/3 cup olive oil, ¼ cup wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon sugar, ½ teaspoon salt, ¼ teaspoon each chili, thyme, basil. Salad: I peeled and sliced one orange over just enough romaine lettuce for two, added one avocado thinly sliced, and one sliced green onion. No, I didn’t use all that dressing. Yes, I would break the orange slices up in the future into bite sized pieces. Sunset Menu Cook Book, 1969. Ill keep browsing in my old cook book collection to spice up our sparer meals.

  • Family. A graduation tomorrow. My youngest’s eldest…ya like that. Don things, the grandson who made it into UC Santa Cruise, will be filling our day tomorrow. Graduation at noon tho we will be there early. To his house afterwards……yes, we will take hundreds of pictures as the past has proved to me that graduation is just about it on contact for a long, long time. Dinner with the Feasters, that feisty bunch of teachers and friends from SDSU days. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

  • More family: We are very proud of all our wonderful grandchildren everywhere……and child in college. Two are having to work extra hard at school apparently having inherited the missing math gene. Both Marie and Beth are not doing well in math, and Beth is struggling with the massive amounts of memorization in her Art History class. She’s taking the second section of it now at a different JC and with a different teacher. I sure hope this works out better. One of Marie’s programs has given her a desktop computer. It has to be better than the ten year old lap top she has now. Aaron….no news from him at all. We only found out that he moved off base by a change of address from his mom. No news from the four in Santee. They grow up and move away indeed.

  • And that’s us too…..growing up and moving away from living in the lap of luxury, figuring out exactly what we do spend, and on what, and where. Do I really need cough drops? How much are they? Can I use a house brand at half the price? Cutting portions not only means smaller spending but thinner G and Mage too.

  • G is home using up one of his sick days. He will take Monday off too which will leave him three sick days that they won’t pay him for when they let him go. He’s found one of those schools that will guarantee him a Class B license in forty hours with a passenger endorsement at a reasonable cost. (Class B licenses are for buses and bob tailed trucks. Class A licenses are for over the road tractor trailers.) He let his Class A lapse, and he doesn’t want to drive giant tow trucks or go over the road….so it will stay lapsed. At the moment. You know I worry.

  • That’s it on my muttering for this Friday Lite…which isn’t really very lite. If you want me, I will be showering then sorting goodies at the Discovery Shop. The sun will come out today and tomorrow too. Just you watch.


  1. Good family update. Children of friends are all graduating this weekend. The streets are filled with young adults in fancy suits and dresses. They don't do anything like the fuss of proms here, but they do put on big gala dances for graduates and families alike.

  2. Yes, lots of fancy stuff here too. I'm sure david will be out partying with friends after the family things tomorrow. I'm looking forward to all but seeing my daughter.

  3. As for cutting food portions, have you been reading lately how studies show eating less leads to longer life? So this action may lead to some weight loss and longer life; what more could you ask for? As long as I don't have to cut out chocolate (!) I'm good. (BTW, it's good to be feeling back in the groove at last!)

  4. Yes, it's amazing how good I feel after light meals too.

  5. Your blog is so much fun! And what beautiful photographs. That swimming pool is so inviting. I live in Madrid and it is burning hot here. Schools will close in another week's time and all my grandchildren will be going to camp, and I will be helping with the very young ones. In this heat all we eat are salads and fruit. I just started a blog, www.maiasintothemoonlight.blogspot.com if you feel like seeing my work,I am a painter, besides being a wife, mother and grandmother.

  6. That salad sounds good. I make one that is similar using grapefruit instead of oranges. The sentiments today are lovely.


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