June 21, 2009


Looking straight at you. 2009.

Himself: Counting the days: 6. Shopped, familied, and friended. Smiled a lot. Survived yesterday despite eating everything in front of himself. Had a great day.

Herself: Didn’t buy a thing. Hugged and smiled a lot at the wonderful family and friends. Kept using anonymous names in OD.

Reading: Nothing this day.

Balance: Finding Don centered.

There are those moments when you can see the future. Graduations are one of them.

Don’s family gathered to cheer him and his accomplishments yesterday. Nice people. Nice alternative school. They created a community….not necessarily supportive of kids with learning disabilities, but one that opens doors in the mind.

And to top it off, he got his driver’s license day before yesterday.

A driver’s license, a summer off, and engineering school. What more could one want if one is 18.

Maybe just a cup of tea………properly timed.


  1. Such a lovely ceremony! He looks so happy, proud, his life in front of him, all the "possibilities"! Congratulations. Really enjoyed looking at all the photographs.

  2. Congratulations and good luck to Don! Is that you in new glasses standing next to him? Like the glasses. You too, of course.

  3. How wonderful. It seems like yesterday Jake graduated, but it was already 3 years ago.


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