June 2, 2009

Stirring Up Changes

This famous Victoria bridge was built by the same person who did the Golden Gate Bridge.

Himself: Work felt a little morgueish yesterday, he reported. First resume sent out.

Herself: Stirring everything up.

Reading: Jim Butcher’s series about a professional wizard, Harry Dresden. The first one was excellent, some of the ones in the middle are endless, and the last one was excellent. One has to like sci-fi and fantasy to enjoy these.

Balance: Stirring up change.

I really stirred up my life yesterday, and I feel a bit triumphant.

My tooth is back in. My dentist wasn’t happy with me. He thought I might have bumped it two years ago when it was first put in. Yesterday, yes, I kept my mouth open for fifteen minutes. Yes, I didn’t eat anything for an hour.

The next thing I did was to go over to the local brick and mortar school where I take writing…tho the class is up at the Episcopal Church. I’m not retiring from the Thursday Poetry Group, but I am changing the one big class I take each week. Stirring up life. That’s me.

Imagine, they offer three watercolor classes this summer.

I came home to dig out my watercolors. It sounds so simple. My art supplies live in the garage in back of the truck, in back of stored art, in plastic bins too. After moving a mountain of art that was bungie corded to metal shelving, I found my brushes. Tired and dirty, but all there. Then I put that pile back and moved over to another set of metal shelves. There I found not only my many drawers of water color tubes, but also my “sets.” Very handy little things tho the color isn’t stable.

I need paper and a pencil now. I also need something to carry water in. I can do this, but who knows if I can draw well enough to fill the lines in with color. We will see.

To add a fillip of dimension to my day, I re-subscribed to my two AA meetings online. I understand the program much better via online, but I burned out on volunteering and not understanding things. My brain often acts in a straight line when life doesn’t do that. Sometimes I can’t even understand online AA.

Maybe I now have too much on my plate with these new added things. Who knows. I certainly have a sense of happiness inside that was missing recently. Anticipation.


  1. Watercolors sound like fun. I can just imagine you doing some "plein air" stuff at Balboa Park.

  2. Oh a water color class sounds lovely, you are busy. I think its good to be busy.

  3. There have been lots of reasons for you to feel lost and forgotten. That you pick yourself up by your belt and go and start watercolours again, is a true testament of your resilience.

  4. Hmmm...I'm awaiting masterpieces from your brushes, Mage. As Vincent van Gogh did it through the lens of his life, I expect Mage Bailey to produce visions through her own lens. Charge on and enjoy the challenge!
    Cop Car

  5. Dear Cop Car.......oh who are you who know me so well.

  6. You bare yourself to any reader who cares to tary, dear woman. Filling in for Ronni set you up!
    Cop Car
    An old woman who has nary an artistic bone in her body, but who appreciates the products of those who do!


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