July 19, 2009

Cabrillo Lighthouse Photographs

The front of the lighthouse with the Second Keepers cottage. A barn would have been further to the left. 2009.

Himself: Had a really good day. Neither of us could hear a word at the Meeting By The Bay. “That’s why we don’t go,” we both said.

Herself: Finished Quilt binding but have handwork yet to do on Red Quilt. How could I tell he had a good day…….he didn’t snap about anything.

Reading: Quilting instead. :)

Balance: The emptiness of the world from the top of Point Loma.

I worked on two of the old Plunge photos, posted my blog then we were off to wander the wilderness of an inner city National Park. They are all free this weekend or free if you own a senior Golden pass. Did I say that a second time…..yes. I had discovered that all our shots of the Cabrillo Lighthouse were taken with an older camera and were fuzzy. That wouldn’t do at all.

We groaned up hills; gleefully we wandered down hills. We spent an hour or so in the sunshine with camera’s in our hands. There were few people there, and the world spread out below us muted by the sea mists and Mexican smog.

Lighthouse details still capture my eye after all these years.

World War II gun emplacements fascinated G. He got some good shots. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the older structures against the harsh landscape. The restored lighthouse now has its catch basin and well restored. How else were they to get water isolated high above the small city.

The larger garden of a few years ago has been moved and downsized. Squashes, eggplant, hot peppers are among the vegetables growing behind the Second Keeper’s cottage. And the WPA structures are holding up well after a repointing of the stone walls and reproofing of the bathrooms.

After grabbing as many shots as we could, it was home to a sandwich then he was off to the museum and I attached binding badly. No, I’m not taking it out. Yes, I will do a little handwork to get it done this day.

A jolly dinner plus desert was had at with the Feasters……those brilliant, wittily erudite folks with SDSU ties, and the day ended with a meeting by the bay and hugs from more old friends by the light of a giant bonfire.

The Victorian era new lighthouse at sea level with a gun emplacement above it.


  1. You described a perfect day. Your photographs are lovely, I have a thing about lighthouses, where we live there are working lighthouses every 100 meters or so as it is a very windy rough coast. You have a full life.

  2. Your photos are works of art. My favorite was the spiral staircase.

  3. I especially liked this set of photos too. Some made me think somehow about quilt designs. (that white building against the blue for one) Is it just me? I'm going to have another look.

  4. what beautiful photos! thank you!


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