July 12, 2009

Five Years

Himself: Had fun at the museum with the new show of members street collectible cars. Rushed out last night and got ice cream cake….K was having a bad day, and will drive up north to cheer her on at a noon meeting. Her sister is driving up too, separately.

Herself: Three estate sales where I got two cookbooks, one for Marie….good excuse, and some napkins and placemats. Couldn’t draw worth beans.

Reading: A Jeffrey Deaver I picked up at an estate sale with the lead being that nasty quadraplagigic forensic specialist. I don’t do nasty well, but I forgot to bring a book with me yesterday.

Balance: A quiet two hours reading.

Some people die from the disease of alcoholism. My father did. They were dripping scotch into his IV when he died so he wouldn’t have DT’s on them in the hospital.

I never thought my daughter, Margot, would survive the wall of drugs, beatings, alcohol, and men behind which she lived. Today she celebrates her fifth year of sobriety. It’s the most amazing miracle I have ever seen, the most amazing story. My own recovery pales next to the fact that this woman is sober and has been for five years. I often say that I should have been dead, but the truth is that she almost died many times.

Today we not only celebrate the sobriety of this remarkable woman, we celebrate the work and successes of all the men and woman behind her from her sponsor K, now undergoing chemotherapy, to Sister Clair’s program for homeless, battered, alcoholic, addict woman. There are hundreds of people who have helped her along the way, I could list them all, but boy you would be bored.

Bottom line, we are so very proud of Marie we are bursting.


  1. What a joy to watch your child come back to health. What a beautiful photograph of 2 lovely girls.

  2. Sounds like it was not only a arduous journey, but one, when standing five years along, of great accomplishment. All the best to her and her child.

  3. Who would not be proud of Margot?
    What a grueling journey, but out of the mud comes the lotus flower, that is your daughter.
    I join you in your happiness.
    Great photo of Margot and Marie, such nice smiles.

  4. Congratulations to Marie. She looks terrific.


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