July 17, 2009

Friday Lite

Views of the Cabrillo Lighthouse. Built in 1855, the lighthouse isn’t useful as it is up in the fogs. The current lighthouse is down at the waterline far below this early building.

Himself: Sent thank you for interview. Job hunted; played computer games.

Herself: Checked dress for interviews. It’s changed from sport coat and slacks back to blue or dark grey suits. Today Cancer Society thrift store back room.

Reading: Nothing.

Balance: Not thinking.

• National Parks are free this weekend. All of them. Here in San Diego we have the Cabrillo National Monument in the middle of the city…..though at the ocean’s edge. If you are a senior, there is a once time fee to acquire a Golden Passport which will give you free entry for the rest of your life. I have one and use it. That’s one of the best bargains ever.

• Slo Mo continues here. We got a call the truck was ready, and when we got there to pick it up found it hadn’t fully been sanded and buffed. I was childishly disappointed. At least, the body work is correct this time. Nothing on job. Nothing on counter. All else waits, and waits….

• G and I committed to making three meetings a week. We didn’t make them this week…till yesterday. There’s still three days in the week, and this is a big city. We have found meetings to fit any schedule without having to travel to the moon.

• The red quilt inches it’s way to being finished. I spent the last two days ripping out the bad stuff. Yesterday I played with the machine until I found something that resembled even tension. I had to patch three or four places where seams had come apart too. Don’t quilt if you are mathematically challenged or blind. I replaced all the stitches I’d taken out and made and attached purple binding to the front. Sunday I’ll stick that binding to the back somehow. Purple thread, perhaps, so it won’t show on either side. In the end, tho it is the crudest quilt I’ve made yet, I’m amused by the colors and I’ll be celebrating its completion. It’s been a long time coming.


  1. I really want to apologize for being such a tardy reader. Darned life gets in the way! I'm interviewing prospective students and setting up summer classes, in addition to my regular classes. Gotta make hay while the sun shines. ;-)

  2. Oops, forgot to say...To my eyes, the stairwell looks like a nautilus. :-)

  3. A nautilus is exactly right! It's a neat picture. And you're so right about those golden senior passes being the bargain of a lifetime. It's saved us a ton of money over the past years.


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