July 15, 2009

Slo Mo

We fools follow our cars and trucks around with cameras nervously as if we were parents. Will it pass the smog? Why is it leaking oil? Why does Grumpy tell us “service engine soon?” Time to change the oil in the Toyota too.

Himself: 93 percent in data entry but in the 70’s for Word and Excell…still within the norm. He’s pleased. He’s very happy loading Estate Sale CD’s into his MP3 player: Steely Dan, Bon Jovi, Styx, Kansas, Phil Collins, Elton John……….Ommmmmmmmmmm.

Herself: Stayed out of the way and quilted. Angry when the machine began with its tension problems again. Ripped half the stuff out and will re-quilt again today. G says it’s like…repaint and thin no more. He’s on a roll.

Reading: Another Elvis Cole.

Balance: Reading in the quiet of the messy living room.

Everything is in slo mo these days.

I asked the fortune teller at the Fair to tell me my fortune. She said wait nine days before telling anyone what she said. We put Grumpy into the body shop to have a tiny dent removed nine days ago, today there was a new curve that hadn’t been there before and two tiny fish eyes.

The truck guys at Off Road Warehouse were lusting after our “clean” truck. I told them yesterday firmly and with emphasis, “It’s mine.”

So we wait for Grumpy. So Myrtle the Toyota waits to have its service. Grumpy can go in to have his codes reset when we get Myrtle back. We wait to get the kitchen counter…..they are communicating at last, while we live with the contents out from under the counters. We wait for the many job applications to bear fruit.

He had a phone interview on a fleet manager’s position today. He had a computer test for the same job today. “Oh, did you know this was temp to hire,” said the agency lady. He has a phone interview with the company today.

It’s just like Grumpy’s crease. We wait. It will be repaired eventually. G will eventually pass the screening get hired. Is it worth the slo mo wait to see if he becomes full time? We wait some more. Middle managers are often hired as temps for if there’s a bad fit the company can just let them go. I share yesterday, more than nine days after the reading that the cards said we would have money and travel. It sounds like after the fact….like last year.

Life is in Slo Mo while we wait for this year.


  1. LOL I name my cars, too!!! My present one is Ruby Begonia aka Miss Ruby. I hate taking her to the car doctor even if Nick us a really nice guy.

    I hope Grumpy is okay soon and aren't too outrageous.

  2. Life in slow mo with Grumpy and Myrtle, and money and travel in the cards...
    I hope you get some good news soon!

  3. Cars...you can't live with them and you can't live without them. Just got my old car back after a new clutch was installed. Nice fat bill with that! Sending luck your way on the job hunt!!


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