August 18, 2009

Big and Small

Smalls at an August swapmeet, 2009.

Himself: Got matinee tickets for Julia and Julia. Bought cartridges for the printer so I can do two projects.

Herself: Got phone jump started. One year for ten bucks. Felt well until a lunch Diet Coke....maybe that's the culprit.

Reading: Finished a mystery that left me depressed.

Balance: Ready to start the book on Alaska. Looking forward to making more than a photo album.

  • Very Big: A friend has cancer surgery today. Prayers are wonderful things. Thank you.

  • Oh, Big's Milly's birthday today. She's 84 years old today and still blogging. Today we celebrate this vital and enthusiastic Elder Blogger's special day. Happy Birthday Milly.

  • Gigante: Too many friends have cancer. Tee is home after a week in a nursing home that she likens a stay in hell. She still can’t eat, but is glad to be home. AK has finished radiation and chemo for her lung cancer but still has a feeding tube. I send prayers out for these plus other friends right now.

  • Big for the Moment: Electronically the world was sideways yesterday. I met a friend at a noon meeting, and afterwards her ride wasn’t there. Her cell didn’t work. My cell didn’t work, and another woman’s cell didn’t work. I started off to take her home, and we got about four blocks when she thought she saw her son. We did a U turn, no son, and she used the office phone to discover he was alive and well at home spacing out mom. I took her home. At least the car ran.

  • Sometimes Big: G and I went to Fashion Valley and re-upped my phone, stopped by Macy’s where they couldn’t find my card…..which has a 2003 late charge on it that’s bringing down my Equifax rating……hello? Is this important? Small stuff indeed. I just want rid of it all but my debit and one CC.

  • Just Right: Today Julia and Julia. I would have liked to read the book in blog form as I thought the book itself a bore. Maybe my brain burped. Now everyone says the movie is a huge hit, so we will go give it a try at the early matinee. Nothing about Julia Child was small from her voice to her imagination. She was an inspiration to many of us early 1960’s cooks who knew only the Midwest menus of our mothers. She led us to far bigger dreams that today I just make lighter…..she would hate the loss of the butter.


  1. I hope you enjoy the movie. I did. I didn't like the book much, the blog is still on-line if you want to read it. Its a Salon blog and if you google it you should find it. If not I will send you the link.

  2. Yes, I will go find it. And I too was bored with the book tho absolutely delighted with the movie. How I loved Julia.

  3. I saw the movie and loved it. As a matter of fact I made a post about it recently.

    And -- nice ;-)

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  4. Some of your big and gigante news are sad, so I will join in my own kind of prayer for the cancer sufferers, it affects me personally.
    I only read about Julia and Julia in Vanity Fair, and cant wait to see the movie. When I moved to the US in 1972, hers was the first cook book I bought, and today I still cook many of her recipes. Love her upsidedown apply pie.

  5. Will send my thoughts and prayers to friend who is having surgery today as well as friends who are trying to recover...

    Are you writing anything for Ronni's Elders' Health Care Reform Day tomorrow? Would like to know how you and G. are coping in present situation with your medical insurance, as well as family members.


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