August 16, 2009


A window with reflection at Mingei North, 2009.

Himself: Was a good day…other than she was pissed at me all day. Really enjoyed the Woodstock film on VH1.

Herself: Annoyed with himself yesterday….he didn’t confirm the COBRA info faxed to the insurer. No prescriptions refilled. Got groceries and tidied. Maybe that’s what life needs today… tidying. Then I tidied upstairs, downstairs, all around the town after popping a Joy of Cooking pot roast in the oven, and tidied a bit more while the house filled with glorious smells. Stomach upset all day…until four. Ate lightly at five.

Reading: One of the Pern books again.

Balance: A better looking house, and a nice smelling dinner to calm my head and stomach.

There’s a certain satisfaction in picking up after oneself. A clean waxed table resonates in the heart. A dusty runner popped in the washer. The dishes done too. It’s a comfort to walk into a clean room.

Oh, there’s books piled everywhere. And too, I have a basket of books waiting to be read next to my chair while G has a magazine rack with reading materials next to his table. The piles grow when we glance away.

In the computer room, I dodge projects. He dodges computers. Papers fly. Electronics wedge themselves in awkward places. I want the sewing table gone….yet I am using it as I begin the Alaska album. He wants his old computer gone…yet he plans on using it for a project of his own. There’s even an old, 1970’s, ongoing, recipe project on top of the dresser. I need to decide what to do about that.

It’s good to made decisions even if it is just to tidy up, to move a photograph, or to wash a dirty surface clean. Making something positive from nothing is the best of all.


  1. I know just what you mean. I do the dishes, and clean the table, and tidy up from time to time, but the unfinished projects remain, together with their clutter. But what's the alternative? Finish everything, clean up the debris and wait....

  2. Lovely photo, especially the the tree reflection at the top. I am very bad about doing any cleaning up or organizing of paperwork. Wish I could claim that I felt good afterwards, but my general mood of grumpiness prevails long after the fact.

  3. Chaos and order. When I cant stand the clutter anymore, I do have periodic attacks of cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, and putting things away. After all the effort it does feel very good. And I am very careful about keeping things minimally in order. But then the house and I fall down the mess abyss...until I cant stand it any longer.

  4. Chaos does seem to creep onward in spite of our best efforts. But it is nice to win the temporary battle.

  5. I love the photo! I too have a pile of books and a list of to do's so long its pathetic. I admire you though, always doing, going, being.


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