August 1, 2009

A Moving Experience

I don’t know who this hero is, but the kid does. Comic-Con, 2009.

Himself: Swam. Was wonderful with the heavy stuff. Got the garage tidied after digging out the blue and putting away the red stuff.

Herself: Swam. Collapsed often while putting away the kitchen and turning the living room from red to blue. It will stay blue as we are planning a 1950’s turquoise Christmas Tree. I’ve been buying balls all year at estate sales.

Reading: 1960’s Better Homes and Gardens from an estate sale. They’ve been sitting in the garage airing out. The Ad’s are fascinating.

Comic-Con notes: I keep finding little photographic gems that delight me.

Balance: Going to bed. My hand and I hurt all day. There was no balance with the high humidity we have been having fault.

Often I was left with questions. What’s in this box, this container. Why did I put this here or that there. Where’s the blue House quilt. Where are the big blue glass pieces? What blue art is handy? Where am I going to put these things in my new clean kitchen. Why keep all those wonderful coffee cups? Hope we will once again have crowds to visit.

Sometimes all of life seemed blurred yesterday. George put a little distance in there, I grew dogged. Live long and prosper seemed best while letting life go by in a blur. Eventually the blur vanished.

Slowly there grew some semblance of order. Less things hanging in the kitchen for easy use; more things in the pile for the cancer society thrift store. I need to banish more as I brought home a leopard print purse and a wool grannie sweater yesterday.

Am I feeling a little less squished? Yes.


  1. I enjoyed your photographic metamorphoses of your kitchen. But for some reason I was only able to comment on one post. The others never did work so I finally gave up. I wanted to say how beautifully your colors work together. I love bright and bold!

  2. Thank you so much for noticing. I don't know why the note feature didn't work tho.......darn it.


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