August 30, 2009

"Too Darn Hot"

Photos taken from the White Pass Railway above Skagway, 2009.

Himself: Way too darn hot at Balboa Park, and we had to leave a gathering in La Jolla where the place was too hot for himself to stand.

Herself:Singing "Too Darn Hot" from the 1948 Cole Porter musical "Kiss Me Kate."

Reading: Reading one of the Peter Coyote, Montana, de Pre mysteries. A marvelous adventure in other worldlyness.

Balance: The book helped in the heat.

Ninety eight degrees at the Automotive Museum picnic....where I got a killer baked bean recipe, and just a miserable 87 here. The Campo family suffered through 107 said the weather man on TV. 105 up where Lessa lives.

I don't do well in heat. My body shuts down at 92 degrees. I used to do better, but in the early seventies a horrible virus knocked me out for months. Since then, 92 is the top temperature where I'm functional. Today's goal is not to worry about the temperature. I'm staying cool....if nothing else, cool while working on my Alaskan album.

All those snow pictures are good for the morale when the world is "Too Darn Hot!"

Photo Album Costs:

Costs of the albums. I confess I cheat. I bought the album itself at Ross Dress for Less. It's a solid navy blue leather and came with a handful of pre-loaded pages for $5.99. Then I went to office Depot, where they carry acid free, Pioneer brand, pages that will fit this album....almost 15 bucks for a double package of 20 pages/ ten sheets. I confess that I was in shock.

I went right back to Ross and bought about four other albums. I trimmed the pages to fit other albums that needed more pages, and didn't have to do a thing to the pages for this album. Some of these Ross albums were $2.99, and two were in the $5.99 range. I doubled the number of pages I had at 1/3 the cost.

The album covers that I don't use will go to the Cancer Society for resale. If you do what Ruthe does, you could make your own covers and find specialty papers at a more reasonable cost. I'm lazy and was looking for ease of creation.

Printer ink. Three new cartridges: $50.00. But I will use them all year.
l from Snapfish. The small ones were only 9 cents each, but the big ones were the ones that hurt the wallet.

Almost $150 bucks outlay, but things like the ink, paper, tape, and left over pages will be used in other projects all year long which makes this financially a bit more of a viable project. If I hadn't bought the refills or needed ink, this project would have come to $50.00.


  1. I am on the road, staying right now in the Alentejo where it is hot, hot, hot. So I enjoyed the cooling sights of your images, I needed them.
    When I get to Madrid, by late Tuesday, I will finally have time to blog. Take care.

  2. I have been printing my photos on my printer and not using acid free photo paper but not acid free plastic printer ink costs an arm and a leg. I am afraid I spend enough on that that I am now getting coupons from Staples. Thanks for the input!

  3. At those temperatures, seeking our shade doesn't even help. Take care to drink plenty of liquids.

    I am of two minds with doing printing at home, because after a certain point it is more expensive than getting the stuff printed online, and generally I do tend to print more than if I was getting stuff printed elsewhere.


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