September 19, 2009

Off To Sea

George and I are off onto the bay to take part in a mock cannon battle. The Maritime Museum is hosting this august affaire, and I will report fully tomorrow. In the meantime, there were requests on my Day Tripper blog for views of my freshly trimmed hair. I’ve supplied pictures, with my tongue stuck in my cheek, for those who want to see how it looks. Here’s a link to my Hair Today… entry, or if that proves difficult to access, here’s a link to the contents page and the entries are listed to the right. The top entry is the newest one.


  1. Takes less time to dry, right?!
    Looks very neat and tidy.

  2. oh, Look at those neat, shiny masthoops! those new lines! that beautiful clean sail! ship shape!!!
    and, I love seeing photos of you. You are always so joyful! very lovely with the haircut! ship shape!


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