October 12, 2009


PAH, me, Godmother Louise Marie, Lenora, and at the bottom is Lessa at #20.

Himself: Bought a monitor yesterday. Is right now giving our older one to Lessa along with the old computer.

Herself: Bought underwear, socks, and lunch. Great hamburger at that Kearny Mesa Diner. Right now off to an Alanon Meeting.

Reading: Swiss Family Robinson. I’d forgotten the Victorian sensibilities and male centricities of the book.

Balance: Hearing a really good speaker last night.

Yesterday morning, I dragged and dropped all pictures I had of Lessa onto her new computer. Everything from baby pictures, through today pictures.

Lessa’s 13th birthday at Jo’s house in Chula Vista.

Lenora’s graduation from High School. Lessa smiles while Lenora and I have open mouths.

Lessa in 1989 with Alex, who is will soon be assigned to Camp Pendleton, and Lessa with MJ, 2009.

I’ll be really pissed if someone steals this computer.

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