October 4, 2009

The Trash of My Present

”Confusing, isn’t it. But notice that both drawing boards are clean…” say the words at the bottom. 1979.

Himself: Job hunt and museum day.

Herself: Moved it over to the new computer. Not happy about the blurred scans.

Reading: Nothing right now but the day is young.

Balance: The cold air moving in from the north. We slept like happy rocks.

I know it all sounds like confusion, but all I did was clean out one cupboard, dust it all off, and put it in another cupboard. This morning we are wandering around the swapmeet a bit, then I will come home to throw out all the old unused fruits and canned goods…….on this computer.

Cleaning house is me.

There really is no need to have every jpg and word from 1974 through 2009 on this computer plus on the backup computer. Why do I need to know what I said in March of 1974….tho we did move to the beach that month. Yesterday I threw away over 4,800 items. Today maybe I will toss that number plus again into the trash.


  1. heheh! I'm commenting like crazy. Why can't I post something!

    I did embed an audio doo-hicky on Xanga, of some women telling some pretty hairy old jokes that I've heard before, sort of two Mainer-gal versions of Garrison Keillor.

    Hang in there; G's job is out there and it's getting closer every day!
    {{{{{Hugs}}}}} ~ Sil

  2. I find it can be very freeing to trash!


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