December 19, 2009

Breakfast Out

Himself: I ask how was your day? It was a good day, he replies. Busy, busy, busy. Swam, hair cut, Michaels, Smart and Final, thrift store, estate sale on Mt. Helix….where G got me a replacement garlic press. Dinner at Tin Fish….really good stuff.

Herself: Swam, thrift store where we were having a 50% off sale, estate sale on Mt. Helix….what a fun, tiny, one bedroom house jammed with collectables. Dinner at Tin Fish….I had the swordfish and he the salmon.

Balance: Not eating quite all of my desert.

We planned to take Lenora and Mohave to breakfast at Perry’s. It’s one of the best of the old style breakfast diners we have locally. Giant frittata’s fill a plate putting the extras like potatoes and muffins on small side plates.

No Perry’s. A fire started on the roof last night putting a closure to their weekend business. Hopefully not for longer. We will pick the two up this morning, and on the way to Brian’s American Eatery do a drive by at Perry’s.

Christmas tables in a box.


  1. Oh what a disapointment for all, espcailly Perry's. Where are you going on your little cruise? Mexico?

  2. Do hope you found a good alternative. They must have been able to put the fire out early, if repairs can be done over the weekend. When are you off on your trip?

  3. Yes, I need to post that itinerary....see Sunday. :)


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