December 9, 2009

A Holiday Letter

The Bailey'z on Glacier Bay, 2009.

Himself: Job searched, Bee’d to breakfast, thrift stored, got one present, huddled in the warmth of one room, cooked dinner, meeting, TV.

Herself: Wrote this then ditto. Then rewrote it this morning.

Balance: Any warmth.

I made a decision to send a letter via email, blog, and Facebook this year. Somewhere in me the get up and go got up and went for cards this year. A first.

So I started hacking and slashing at a bare outline of our rather bland escapades this year, and I discovered my main struggle was with Office 2007. It proved not easily Georgette compatible. Not only did the pictures wander where ever they wanted, the type style and size changed back to Microsoft’s choice at Office 2007’s whim not mine.

Yes, I cuss good. Thank you….she says bowing to the applause.

Yes, I eventually got the letter sent off to my email list as I discovered my list was a total utter shambles. My task today will be to get some form of order to my list. So I appendage an edited Holiday Letter here for your perusal.

Happy Holidays to you all.

This is a first for us. Always we have sent out cards. This year the energy factor seems to have left us high and dry, so instead of cards you get an illustrated email. The kids, and all but a literal handful of grandkids, are out on their own. Lessa has been invited to be Santa for St. Clare’s homes while Lenora is packing to move north.

We are not a well employed immediate family this year tho Lessa is doing very well as a college student with a four year old. Although I am enjoying my retirement, yes….retirement is heaven, the Geeeee-zer, Lenora, and her husband Bob were all laid off.

We had a pretty good year up till June. Georgette went to school herself, wrote and painted; the Geeeee-zer worked and played. We spoiled ourselves with small road trips to Tehachapi, LA to visit Bobbie, Michael, and the Getty, which included a side trip to see MidshipModern, and a short day trip to Disneyland. We took a long planned eleven day cruise to Alaska aboard the Ryndam and had a wonderful trip which we will do again as soon as G is once again employed.

After June when The Geeee-zer’s entire department was outsourced to Mexico, we became stay at home folks. Georgette now keeps on top of her writing through her blogs and the Literary Ladies on Thursdays. George has begun a regular illustrated blog at Open Diary also.

Mage’s blogs:
Open Diary as “Day Tripper:
Blogger as “Postcards” for those who have difficulty with OD:

The Geeeee-zer’s Blog:
Open Diary as "Geeeee-zer':

We’ve also been taking on a wide assortment of volunteer commitments such as setting up sound systems, taking out the trash, mopping floors, moving chairs, being a docent at the Automotive Museum, and being a back room sorter at the American Cancer Society’s Discovery shop. For Georgette, that job has been a little like putting the coyote in the hen house.

There have been regular social at dinners out in company with old and new friends to help create a little balance….oh, think of all the details you are missing….new restaurants, new foods, new horizons, coffies, cookies, and cakes. Most every morning we swim barring illness. We have also been stick in the mud’s at home with our TV and regular programs: Project Runway, NCIS, Top Chef….oh, how the mighty hath shrunk. Georgette has read an amazing number of bad books plus a few keepers this year while enjoying her expanding cook book collection. The old white bookcase even came up from the garage to house the growing hobby. The Geeeee-zer’s been happily and addictively playing Fallout 3 when he’s done job hunting for the day.

We are running away to sea for the holiday but will be home in time for New Year’s. We hope you have a truly wonderful holiday season.


  1. What a coincidence, last night I spent a good amount of time on my holiday newsletter that I do every year. I hope to finish it today.

  2. My newsletter was not nearly as well written or carefully designed. I have a 2003 version of MS OFFice and I hope it works on my new PC because I still have a few more to print! You know how to live life, I must say.


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