December 13, 2009


Himself: Had fun at the museum yesterday. Set up for the party, remembered a present, came home to get me, had a lot of fun, had two plates of deserts, and got lost in the dark trying to get to the second party.

Herself: Had a quiet bread and butter day till three. Dressed and out to the museum by 4, had fun, ate simply, and was very glad we went. Heard from Ellie about Christmas. Communication is such a good thing.

Reading: Still the 1947, Little Women. It’s a carefully written adapted portrait of her own family infused with occasional doses of Civil War era Christianity. The first part is based on Bunyan’s Pilgrims Progress. Sometimes you want to skip ahead, but if you do you miss something important. Much of the allegorical parts must have gone over my head as a kid, and I’m letting them go over my head now.

Balance: Time spent curled up in my chair reading.

I often go shopping with a camera in hand. Not only do I have lots more fun, then I can have even more fun playing with the images at home.

Last week we wanted a just released movie. We came home from Tar-jay with acres of pictures with red on red, or green with stars, or plastic this or that, or, or……

Once I got over being appalled at what the buyers thought we would purchase this holiday, I had a wonderful time shooting the displays. One shot of an end cap with doggie clothes was out of focus. This will give us a second chance to go back and shoot it again.

I don’t think I ever could have had such fun at Macy’s, Bloomies, or Nordies with their genteel realities.


  1. Love the photos. It never occurred to me to shoot in a store. Mostly I'd like to do it at Whole Foods with their wonderful displays of fruit and vegetables.

  2. It has occurred to me to shoot in a store, but I haven't done it so far. You guys had great fun and it didn't cost you a cent. In a way you brought everything home with you for free. Now that's creativity polished to a T.

    (I popped over to Geezer's blog and caught up. He has some great pictures too. He should teach me a little bargaining for when we go to India next year! He's a sharpie, he is!)


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