January 30, 2010

Above and Below

Above: The OB Lifeguard tower at sunset. The better picture of the pier, below, was taken by the Geezer.

Himself: Swam. Two estate sales. Is annoyed with himself for getting everything about the new cupboard really square as the house itself isn’t. Built all the drawers. Cut the drawers.

Herself: Swam, did the store where nothing came in until it was almost time to leave. Packed dishes, foods, orts, and filled the trunk of the Toyota.

Reading: A new to me Cadell.

Balance: Reading and watching “Project Runway” at the same time.

It was delightful to have the day off yesterday.

So today I get to reinvent the wheel. There has been several useful suggestions, but they don’t quite fit. Once I have all the pictures in folders and all the names on the folders, no matter the program I am using to do it, Windows still gets involved.

If the names on subfolders are too long, they won’t drag and drop to a DVD.

So I am going to put everybody in numerical order with little “i’s” and ‘ii’s” while calling it a day on organizational techniques. If great, great, great, grandchildren cannot figure out who is who, I should add a quickie poop sheet to the DVD box. We will see if I have any poop left at the end of this day to do this….she says with a grin.


  1. Doesn't it surprise you sometimes how almost "artificial" the colours of sunsets are? Glad to hear you took a day off.

    We just finished the grant proposal and handed it in yesterday. Please keep your fingers crossed. If our research proposal receives funding, I'll be employed for another 2 and 1/2 years!

  2. I was just on your page and left you a note. Do stay warm while we all cross our fingers.

  3. Lovely sunset and I am glad all the rain has stopped. We were told we would get a dusting of snow and now at my daughter's house we are up to 8 inches! It is bitterly cold as well, ugh.

  4. hi guys so happy to be between you yayaay love the blog soo much ^^

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What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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