January 15, 2010

Friday Lite

Yesterday…..photo: G.

Himself: Drove North, Got car in her name, lunch, Amvets, drove home, rebuilt Lessa’s computer again….she’s named it cranky.

Herself: North to therapists, read book, lunch, shopped and found cheapie black flats, home to chat with Lenora and show her the car. Today swim, work in shop, fix something for dinner, and read. Always I keep in mind those in Haiti.

Reading: Cadell.

Balance: Reading.

  • Lenora wanted to know what we discussed at the therapists. Fears I said. The therapist asked me who I was afraid of. My mother I answered. Who were you afraid of she asked Lessa….my mother she answered.

  • I love coming over a rise in the hills, riding in the glorious sunshine, and seeing a swath of fog rising from a lake. Out of the greyness, here the tip of a tree, there a palm frond.

  • Looking out the window this morning, the sky is orange and peach as far as I can see. As I watch, one stripe of blue appears.

  • We take Lessa’s car to the mechanic this morning for new shocks….after we swim.

  • Today will give us the last of the sunshine. By tomorrow, the clouds will begin rolling in again. When the weekend arrives, so will much needed rain. I try and imagine the sound of rain and cannot.

  • Life has leapt at me. From sedentary sickness….almost for months it seems, I have jumped back into life with gusto. By nine thirty at night, I fall asleep on the bed watching the TV and only with pokes from the Geeezer do I stop snoring and wake up long enough to officially go to bed.


  1. This is all good news...at least it seems to me. We continue the lengthy and unusual bone chilling cold here although, we may break 50 and that means a walk in the woods.

  2. You have the most wonderful smile. I'm glad your day was like your smile.

  3. So glad you are feeling better. Keep swimming. (I was not afraid of my mother, but I am afraid of my daughter.)

  4. you make me laugh out loud! glad you are over sick. welcome back to busy busy!

  5. Nice picture of 3 generations. I think it's the first really good one I've seen of you with your new glasses. Similar to mine in shape. Really nice.

  6. me, too! I love your smile! I love the beautiful photo of three generations, too! congratulations, Mage!


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