January 18, 2010


Grandkids: Beth and Aaron with MJ after brunch yesterday, 2010.

Himself: Went up early, installed and made the desktop work, played with MJ, lunch/brunch at noon but service was so bad that we didn’t get out of there until twoish. Candybar for dinner. Not ok yesterday evening or today.

Herself: Because breakfast was at two when dinner was to be at four, we didn’t eat right. Brownie for dinner. Not ok today as a result. What made the day great was that “Wintersong” got an award and passed it on to me. How absolutely thoughtful of her.

Reading: Cadell’s.

Balance: Quiet.

Did I say I was pooped?

Not getting lunch on time through both G and I off, then not getting dinner left me so tired I don’t know quite who I am.

Tho I could look in the mirror.

So looking in the mirror tells me to do quiet things today. Sort photographs till I am mad, mad, mad, then iron fabric for a while, plan the week’s menus, and hunt down more Cadell’s.

Isn’t quiet wonderful stuff.


  1. Like the image of looking in the mirror to look at what has to be done or not done.

  2. Alice picked me, too!!! It was fun!!! And yeah, I've had cookies for supper, too.

  3. Stuff and sorts and this and that...perhaps tomorrow will be more organized and brownies for dinner are not the end of the world.


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