January 29, 2010

Rant Lite

Example: Hartson Gillette Barnum, Mary A Barnum, Maggie Furguson, Nurse Agnes Aikens, M. M. Hunt Heaton, Mary Belle Harrington Barnum mother of CN Barnum and MM Barnum, Mr. Heaton. Seated: MM Hunt Hyde, MM Barnum, and Charles Norman Barnum. (Date:, Location:.)

Himself: He’s having fun while reinventing the cupboard yet again. It’s looking good. Dinner out at the OB Noodle House….very good food in an alien atmosphere.

Herself: I’ll get these photos albumed yet…later. Today: Swim, work at store, shop later, eat out. LOL

Reading: Stevenson.

Balance: The Discovery shop will take me away from all this today.

  • I spent most of my day angry at Microsoft Vista. Any program that tells me it needs permission to do something, like drag and drop a picture into a folder, needs to be yelled at. If the only way to solve the problem is to turn off Vista and restart it, the folks who designed it need to be restarted themselves.

  • Suffice it to say that any photograph with a long title, one that names all the folks in the image for posterity, must go only in a master/lead folder. Maybe. Sometimes, even one word can be too long. I spent many hours deconstructing the contents of the DVD to see what would work. I reformatted wiping it clean three times. I started out with a lite, humorous attitude and should have quit while I was ahead.

  • I read up on and researched Genealogical Numbering systems but they won’t work as they depend on subfolders. All folders must be equal if the photos are to have titles. Another words, you can’t have one folder with sub folders.

  • The ladies in the poetry group liked the piece I submitted for consideration in a chap book. I’m very encouraged. I got off on the wrong foot trying to explain myself and what I wanted to do with the piece. As usual, I said “A” when I meant to say “C.” Perhaps I should be kept at home in a dark corner some days.

  • Frankly I delight in the messy house main floor. I’m living upstairs, working upstairs, and am not forced to deal with anything real….like fixing dinner. When daughter Lenora stops by, she seems astounded by the mess. Perhaps she deliberately doesn’t remember what a disaster I was as a housekeeper most of her childhood. The cupboard comes together slowly, and who am I to hurry the carpenter/inventor.

  • I’m taking a break from the computer today. Perhaps tomorrow too. My eyes have quit. In the mean time, there’s sunshine outside.


  1. As a person who used to organize data may I suggest an 'index file' in text or as a spreadsheet that goes with all the photos? All the names, etc, can be put in that with the photo file name or number as reference. It does mean you would have to refer to it or print some of it out when reviewing files, but that is the price.

  2. I saw the picture and thoughts of your handyman (on Geezer) and thought how convenient to have him living in the same place.
    As for the problems with Vista, it just reminds me that in spite of how well (or not) I maneuver on my computer, I sum it all up with these two short comments: I love my computer! I hate my computer!

  3. I hate Vista, too!!!

    The pictures sound like a job for batman.

    Hope you get your home repairs done soon!


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