February 1, 2010


She’s flying.

I have a granddaughter who flies. Yes, she does. She’s a little slower now that she is a teenager, but she still flies. I’ve seen her. Most of the photographs I have of her show her flying delightfully, happily, living in the wind.

Mind you, she doesn’t fly for the camera. If you just happen to be there with a lens pointed in her direction when she lifts off, you might capture an image. We have a number of pictures that just lets you see what she wants to show you, but then there are those magical moments when she doesn’t know you are there.


Everyone should have a granddaughter who flies. Keeps you on your toes, it does; keeps your imagination stirred too.


  1. What lovely photos that really capture her personality and her heart. These are great!

  2. Great photos of a lovely young lady!!! And a Trekkie, too!!!!

  3. Wonderful. Sometimes I think my grandson flies, but I'm not sure I feel the same way about it. He's 22.

  4. Great post! I felt like I was flying alongside both of you while I was reading it. (You did have to fly beside her to capture the moment, right?)


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