February 10, 2010

Of Circuit Boards and Poems

Himself: Swam, job search, play, eat, meeting.

Herself: Still coughing. It was a wonderful but far too short glimpse of PK.

Reading: Reading a DE Stevenson while watching NCIS….both.

Balance: Letting things go….I can do that.

We stayed up late last night to watch our friend PK in "LIFE AFTER PEOPLE - Holiday Hell" episode. PK was interviewed beyond briefly regarding Alaska cruising while standing in front of the rusting and tired XANADU/FAITHFUL. Most of the “Holiday” segments were given a second chance at their few seconds of fame, but cruise ships were rolled over and sunk the first time around.

I confess, we were disappointed.

I worked hard to get everything done yesterday. The fabric is ironed and stacked waiting for me to pick or reject for the next quilt. The new iron has one fatal flaw….the up, down, and off buttons are directly under the hand grip. The temperature gets adjusted every time you pick the iron up. All digital…with a read out, which is a great idea. The buttons are a failure.

G took the old iron apart and discovered a circuit board. There’s no quick fix on a circuit board.

I took an old poem apart.


  1. That's an interesting photograph. Where was it taken?

    Good luck putting the poem back together. I've done that more times than I can count and have some that have lain around for 20 years taken apart and not put back. Some day I may be brave enough to share them, but not yet.

  2. Poetry is not in my DNA. I have two poetry classes under my belt to prove it.

    You are so far ahead of me on blog formatting it's pitiful. You left me at the gate. Congratulations on your skills.


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