February 27, 2010

Rain, Rain.....and Tsnumai Warnings

Silverton in the rain. We have to go back and do this again as all my pictures with the old camera were out of focus. 2006.

Himself: Swam, applied for jobs, took G’tte to work, talked with Cuz T, Amvets, out to dinner, meeting, Olympics.

Herself: Wrote, worked tho a bit shakily till fed, Amvets and nothing to find, and a shared basilless Caprese and soup for dinner. Olympics.

Reading: An older Stevenson. Yes, I continue rereading these sometimes dated volumes.

Gratitude: Feeling better, rain, friendships.

  • Rain. They said it was going to rain last night and I was determined to sleep with some fresh air. After an elaborate fuss with towels and sliding doors, we were armed against a rain that never came. This morning, I awoke to a whole world grey and muted. I haven’t tired of the grey yet. Oh, I understand how jailed one must feel with the mountains of snow still falling in the north east, but I am spoiled. I was homeless once in the rain….with a canvass topped sports car. I don’t recommend it. Today I am very grateful to have warmth and a roof over my head in this latest storm.

  • Dear G has been avoiding a squash soup> The roasted squash soup says we have to peel the squash before we roast it. He’s taken me out to dinner two nights in a row rather than peel that squash, so today I need to find a version where I don’t peel the squash first. Alton Brown’s version of a squash soup is just whacked apart rather than peeled. I have everything needed in the house. This might be the one. The question is, can I, with my whacky hands, whack?

  • Foods. I’ve been too sick lately to plan menus or even see what’s in the cupboards. Not only has he been dodging the bacterium, but he’s been taking care of me, and feeding me while hunting for a job. He’s beyond kind and caring. This morning, I faced the day without my usual coughing for the first time. Perhaps it’s time I face the bare cupboards at last. Progress.

Tsunami Warnings:

From our local NBC News affiliate, comes this image and a clear description of a Tsnumai Warning: Stay off the beaches and out of the water, they say. The article is very interesting to us who live one mile above the beaches.

In La Jolla, the waves retreated -2 and rose +4 in a fifteen minute period. That was the extent of the tsunami here.


  1. I reaaly like that picture!

    Hope you're soon over this mess you're dealing with. You've really had a time with it. You are very fortunate to have Mr G in your life to be such a good care giver.

  2. Sounds like himself is a gem -- you are blessed. Hope your weather warnings are overstated. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. My thoughts are with you every day, and I am looking forward to the morning when you are surprised to find that you are feeling better - and the day beyond that where you are even more surprised to be better still!

    I am very very glad Mr. G is taking such good care of you. He makes me happy and I have a warm place for him in my heart.

    Be safe with the waves - hope they are smaller than the warnings.

    Hugs your way. Rainy days and reading are excellent go-togethers.


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