March 9, 2010

A Brave New World Out There

Plaid, Duck’s invisible dog is laughing, and Duck and G are laughing along with him. 2008.

Himself: Swam, applied for jobs, held my hand and put up with me.

Herself: An excellent day. Swam too. Some light coughing when faced with dust. Dinner was pastor/pork burritos with a citrus and avocado salad.

Snow Day: Today granddaughter Sallie in Barcelona has her very first snow day, and she is amazed by it.

Gratitude: Sunshine. Finding the rabbit story. Being able to smoothly move through a day without panting….smooth, smooth, smooth gratitude.

Of course, I ought to be shot at sunrise. My writing focus scatters. As I hack and slash at a poem or two for my chapbook, I’ve been continuing to do research.

I discovered whole chapbooks can be submitted as manuscripts and viewed as new even tho the contents have been published elsewhere. Here, unlike the fine art world I know so well, the artist herself can still create a piece and put the work up for view. Here, I don't have to hire an agent, a writer or publicist, or even pay a gallery 50% of the profits....assuming anything sells. It's a brave new world out here, and I like this a lot.

To get my words in a chapbook, I was following the old mold. All the chapbooks that I have here at the house are about 40 pages. All are bifold regular letter size pages, a poem on each folded page with staples in the middle…plus the author info and all the other polite stuff. I have one little book from Ruthie that’s simply lovely with a glued spine and a fabric like paper wrapped around the bare ends. I’d like to make a little something in that sophisticated manner ignoring the reality of staples and price.

Much to my pleasure, I discover that I do not have to have the expected weighty 40 pages. Less will do as long as it is in multiples of fours. Inspired by the notion that I can enter my manuscript in a contest if the manuscript has not previously been published, I’ve been counting pages. Individual poems published here online, do not matter in this kind of a contest. Oh, hurrah….I have been very disappointed.

I was overjoyed to discover that one could make a fiction chap book too. I was thinking I could make a little trial volume of “Ducky Tails.” It truly is a brave new world out there, and I want to join in.


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  1. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun. I hope it all works out for you. Have a good day.

  2. I get so much motivation from my blog pals. Your ideas and creativity stimulate my mind and energy. I wonder if I could write a chapbook...after I get those kitchen curtains cut and sewed...and the old doll house restored...and the old camel back trunk restored and out of the garage...and the new perennials in the ground...UGH!

  3. I like your chapbook idea!!!

    Unfortunately, I am a writer of long short stories and an aspiring novelist. I am also "old school" and want a good publisher to take my work. Am I silly in this day and age? Probably.

  4. Ah Duck and Plaid. I rememebr. When I first started reading you they were still there, or should I say here.


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