March 12, 2010

March Friday Lite

The newest member of the Thursday Poets is Zoe. 2010.

Himself: Swam, job hunted and did some more of that, played games, helped make dinner, and carried boxes at the Cancer Society.

Herself: Swam, read, back went out and am reminded to drink more water, did books at the shop, played here, dinner, carried boxes at the Cancer Society.

Reading: Nada.

Gratitude: Lots: Sunshine, friends, words. It may sound repetitive, but I’m very grateful.

  • I will have to find some other topic as riviting as that of Duck. My readers at OD still miss his presence in my blog.

  • The ladies liked my poem, they said, but I am still uncomfortable with the first verse. I’ll hack and slash at it this weekend.

  • It’s the Thursday Club Rummage Sale time again. Imagine the biggest building in Balboa Park or Central Park filled to the brim with “stuff.” Last year we bought an award winning Japanese brush painting of a persimmon. Nope, we won’t be lined up over night in the long lines waiting for the doors to open, but we will stop in later in the day to see what we can find.

  • Things I am currently looking for at estate sales and rummage sales: My favorite bathing suit is dying. I’d like a black slinky top to wear to Bee’s opening on the 18th. Fiskar blades… the store. And I am going to buy paper for “Ducky Tails” at the shop from the mountain of stuff.

  • After dinner, we arrived at the Discovery shop to find a few handpicked volunteers moving boxes and heaving bales….they started early. There were at least twenty large plastic tubs of stamps. Two tall metal shelves were filled with bundles of colored paper. If you want inks, powders, cutters, rippers, stamps and more stamps, we have them. Even tho the center of the store was cleared to display things, and even tho we ended up dumping stamps in tubs instead of displaying them in nice little rows, we had to put many boxes away. There wasn’t room to put everything out.

  • They don’t tell you when they give you the right steroid shot and pills that it will give you your life back….just for the moment. My enthusiasm for has returned. No more tired all the time. No wrist pain, no hip pain, no worn out anything pain, and I am left wondering why the shot the orthopedic doc gave me didn’t work at all. Now I wait for the other shoe to drop and old age to leap into life again.

  • Just letting you know in advance, we will be in LA on the 18th and 19th. Nope, I am not taking my sad, broken, broken hearted camera with me. Now the LCD screen is lined….and they had told me to just use it. Gee, don’t do like I do and drop your favorite camera.

  • G is finding more jobs every day to apply for. We are encouraged.


  1. When you get energy, Maggie, you are a whirlwind. Glad you're feeling better.

  2. Wish I could keep up with you. I almost always put my strap around my neck with either of both cameras. I have dropped the little one (little but expensive) and now the far end focus does not work! Agony.

  3. Zoe is lovely.

    Makes me smile.

    I would simply cry if I dropped my camera. It was a Christmas gift several years ago, and I love it SO MUCH! I don't know what I did without it. I am so sorry you dropped yours. Like Tabor, I wear my strap religiously!

    Glad you are feeling better. What a delight it is, to wake up singing in the morning!

  4. Glad you're feeling better!!!!!

    I dropped my camera today and I think I lost some pictures as a result. I am seriously upset.


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