April 1, 2010

April Morning Confusions

A flight of stairs leading to the Sports Deck on the Queen Mary, Long Beach. The contrast between the style of wood stairs and the drama of the modern machinery is dramatic. 2010.

Himself: Reset passwords.

Herself: Downloaded new version of Firefox. Priced books and returned later with my giant rabbit as someone donated white plastic tag hangers. I used them to give him whiskers and felt triumphant. Bee stopped by with a new wardrobe for Lessa. Napped. By nine pm, I began to feel human again. We will return to write Monday or Tuesday.

Reading: “The Only Way to Cross.” Rereading actually.

Blogging: I've read you all and not always left notes....mea culpa. I swam, packed lunch and munchies, printed poems, and am off to class before leaving. I'll catch up with you all on Monday, and please have a glorious weekend.

Gratitude: The Cancer Society, friends like Janey, tiny stuffed, jointed bears.

The day dawned sunning and bright. Everything is ready for us to leave for the next four days, and the writings for the poetry group are printed and next to my pack.

Did I really say that?

Reality is that it’s pitch black outside. A fresh line of massive thunder storms are expected momentarily, but the power is back on. There was an odd moment at 1230, when just entering the bathroom to see the world go black outside the window. The first line of rain storms came through around 0330, and I woke briefly as the sliding door was shut with a slam.

Yesterday one of G’s job applications had generated an automatic response with our email and password on it. While I was off to the Discovery Shop to price books, he spent the morning resetting our passwords on each and every site and application. Everyone known to woman and man.

This morning, we couldn’t get online.

“God has a wicked sense of humor,” he commented as he pulled his box of program discs down.

Of course we were online yesterday, but when the power shut off and on again, the modem reset itself to the old password. It too now has the new password.

G standing on an aft deck covered with plywood. Other, more knowledgeable visitors, say that the exterior maintenance has improved dramatically since 2007. 2010.


  1. I love there Queen Mary photos!!!

    I hate computer problems.

    Am delighted you're getting away for a few days!!!!

  2. Resetting passwords is a real pain. The photos of the Queen are wonderful. Have a great time.


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