April 13, 2010

Genus Mesembryanthemum

A blossoming Aloe in MB’s front yard. 2010.

National Poetry Month: The National Museum of Health and Medicine has an online exhibit of some Walt Whitman items in their collection.

The interview is tomorrow at one.

Herself: Glasses were ready too. This pair isn’t red and leans toward a matt brown. Darn it. Today is free to hack and slash on poems too. Still struggling to get header photos that fit before to fit again. Grrrrrrrr......

Reading: “The White Dragon.”

Gratitude: Root canals, that my glasses were covered under warrantee, rain.

It’s spring. That doesn’t mean miles of colorful flowers or manicured front yards….though those exist all around us. Instead here in a drought plagued desert many homes are replacing grass with low water plants….which are all flowering.

It’s been an El Nino year here. We have had far more rain than normal, and everything is blooming colorfully. The genus Mesembryanthemum, common iceplant, is a favorite. Tho it requires more water than a cactus, its many strong colors knock you out with their powers.

We used to see miles of freeway lined in ice plant, and many homes have as their landscaping a carpet of the finest of mesembryanthemums, this delicious purple carpet of ice plant. As I dash from dentist of oculist or grocery to class, either G or I have been taking our cameras and trying to catch as much color as we can.


  1. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that carpet of mesembryanthemum.

  2. I remember ice plant becoming fairly popular in Colorado nurseries. I do not know if it withstood the winters there, but water is also an issue in their landscaping. This mono-culture in the front yard is pretty mouth dropping.

  3. Beautiful! I'm happy to know that, at least some people have stopped growing grass. I like the flowers much better.

  4. What a sight for sore eyes! All those flowers are gorgeous!

    I'm really hoping the interview went well. It's the right direction, isn't it? Good luck, G, give 'em the WOW they're looking for!

  5. i think my whole room glowed with these colors when i open up your page!!!


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