April 29, 2010

Pariah Lite

The bay on a foggy afternoon. 2010.

Himself: Swam. See his blog for pictures. He finished the dry wall and got the floor cut and in. An amazing man.

Herself: I kept getting sicker. Canceled everything today but a doctor’s appointment. She wants to see if I am wheezing. I am burbling instead.

Reading: Finished the Evanovitch. Lite and perfect for someone with a cold.

Gratitude: That both daughters called.

  • No one wants me around, and I don’t blame them. My cough has morphed into a common cold….again. No, I am not impressed. Yes, I am doing everything the doc recommends except the appallingly expensive inhaler. Daughter Lenora thinks I pick these things up because I swim. Not that, dear child, it’s because I smoked and smoked so much all those years. The damage from previous bronchial attacks continues to wait in the wings hovering there to zap me when I least expect it. G has it too…..so lightly you would never know.

  • G’daughter Mohave has been moved from her middle school science class to one that scans the heavens with a micro-telescope and is sponsored by Harvard. We are all impressed by the Ivy League school’s participation in programs that effect kids way over here far, far away from their campus…she says tongue in cheek. We are doubly impressed at Mohave found this program and leapt into it.

  • Gotta get Lessa the money for patches today. She’s doggedly hunkered down and attempting to save money…one way, not smoking. MJ uses volumes of TP too, and Lessa is attempting to ration that useful commodity. I’m really proud of her budgeting efforts, but I don’t know if controlling the TP flow will save great gobs of money.

  • My “National Poetry Month” enthusiasm was a failure. I thought one or two folks might follow my links, but it appears that poetry isn’t really part of the social networking atmosphere here. I know from experience that it takes more than the usual interest for anyone to follow a link from a blog page. Poetry doesn’t usually stir that kind of passion although I always have hope.

  • At the moment the decision is that I’ll ride along with G today. I’m not fit to be behind the wheel of anything. What a precarious thing that would be….like drinking and driving since I don’t seem to be home in my head. We are still debating this as I don’t want to tie him down.


  1. Maggie, I can't believe that cold is back. Darn! You've got to get better, dear!

  2. I do believe you are a sick lady. I'm not sure what to think about you. You need help, that's for sure. I do hope you feel much better very soon.


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