May 15, 2010

Driving Mr. Geezer

Himself driving the blue Model T today.

Himself: Swam, took G’ette to work, photoed ties, got passport pictures taken, sale, Italian dinner, and posted tie pictures on OD.

Herself: Swam, worked during the yearly designer sale, passport photo, sale, dinner that turned me into a balloon.

We are off shortly into the hinterlands. The Geezer signed up to learn to drive a Model T. He’s invited me as his guest, and I will arrive with more camera’s that a bowl of rice.

Somewhere on some hard drive, I have pictures of my father standing in front of his Model T, Gooberita, and mother used to rhapsodize about driving one. Can I find the pictures? No. Will I have pictures of us later in the day? Yes!

The Automotive museum set this up as a treat for volunteers. Not many signed up, and they were told to bring anyone they wanted. Driving a Model T says that, “The Model T Ford has two speeds forward and one in reverse. There is no gearshift lever and no clutch between the engine and transmission.”

After reading all the instructions, I’m left dithering. Can I unlearn all I know about clutches, stick shifts, and automatic transmissions….which I already drive incorrectly?

I can report that the Model T club treated us with great delight feeding us donuts, soft drinks and letting us drive often if not well. They were very brave to bring their much cherished automobiles to let us learn on them. The owner of the blue one told us he had three, and this one had the worst body.

George whipped right along both times he drove. He's a natural as you can see in both these videos. I wasn't. I tried only once, and when it stopped steering around a corner and ended up going straight onto the curb, I took it personally. Once we pushed our steed off the curb, I let him drive it back.

I had over steered, I was told. Then again, I discovered I wasn't the only one who ended up on the curb in that same car, and when I was told the older ones did this normally I felt slightly better about it all. It was equipment malfunction, said my dear G. That cheered me up a bit, but I still didn't try a second time.


  1. Must post a video as well, dont cha think?

  2. What fun. I'd like to do that.

  3. Oh my gosh - you two have so much fun! I don't know many people who get up in the morning and say, "hey let's go do this!" I hear about fabulous and quirky things to do in Seattle and usually I think.."wouldn't it be grand to do" and then I never inspire me to want to get up and go!

  4. What a hoot that must have been. I have a photo of my grandmother as a young women driving a Model T. Her uncle was the first person in the neighbourhood to buy a car. Since he wasn't known to be sober very often, the family elected her to be his designated driver. Since she only drove it and her uncle owned it, that was fine. She said that she was an old woman before she met any women that actually owned their own car.

  5. What lovely fun. And it didn't rain.


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