May 8, 2010

FunB the Clown

FunB the Clown at work at Petco Park, 2008.

Himself: Thinks he has the job after ten months of job searching.

Herself:…and too, the Open Diary blog Day Tripper. Not only will Janey be missed, but the giant creative spirit of retired Foreign Service Officer, Dorothy Berkley is already leaving a large hole in our writing group. (d April 19, 2010.)

A blog you might like: Wintersong is really spring song. She doesn’t stop learning, and right now we are all learning about large B-cell diffused lymphoma, the worlds of chemotherapy, radiation and shopping for a wig for Grandma. She’s a most inspiring gramma.

Reading: The pile of unread books is daunting.

Gratitude: Janey Findley.

We received an email yesterday that wasn’t entirely unexpected but certainly unwanted. Sally, the sister of our friend Janey, wrote to tell us that Janey had died.

Left: 1979. Right: 1982, Janey and Roger.

I first met her when she lived with my friend CA. She was a gold medal pairs roller skating star, and she kept us all included in her day job as a graphic artist. Her Macs whirred, and her early Compuserve processors printed out everything from one word to millions. When in need of money, I could often be found putting ads together….poorly might I add, pasting up newspapers, drawing illustrations, and being a very under the table graphics person.

She gradually moved into clowning, face painting, and the creation of balloon creatures that out did all others. At Petco Park, year after year she made delightful balloon hats for one gentleman that always stopped by my table to have his portrait taken as soon as she was done.

Balloon hats from 2005 through 2008. Balloons weren’t just for kids any more.

She lived life her way. Seemingly unable to hold down a 9 to 5 job because she couldn’t keep to their time tables, she existed by creating her own schedule around her skating, clowning and graphics. She moved into the tiny back room of our cottage in the 80’s. She moved with us to the big house, master bedroom in the late 80’s, and she moved on down the street a few years later. When she couldn’t afford her duplex and the many storage units she rented, she moved to the far, far away back hills only to commute to the Zoo, Petco park, birthday parties, and the other occasions that kept her rent paid.

Left: 1983: Janey at the magical kingdom the place she loved best. Right: Janey as minister at a wedding.

She had a cancer that wrapped itself around her thyroid as a teen. They removed as much of it as they could taking many neck muscles, but a nugget of it remained. She doggedly stuck to a holistic diet, and lived as healthily as she could at all times. In the nineties, she had breast cancer and all the resultant surgery, chemo, and radiation. When the cancer returned in 2009, she sold all her belongings and moved to North Carolina with a friend to help her in a cabin owned by her sister. She attempted to cure the cancer holistically. Janey died mid June and her spirit will stay with us forever.

Left: Janey at Georgette’s 50th Birthday party, 1991. Right: 1994, Janey in the driveway of the big house.

Top: FunB at work at the ball park, 2007. Bottom: 2008, College roommates at work together.


  1. God has to have a good sense of humor watching all his misguided, misinformed followers messing up here. Now heaven has a new clown. Good news ?! about the job. Got my fingers and toes crossed for G. Thanks for the nod to Wintersong. I've gotta get back on the stick and work at it again.

  2. I like that statement that "heaven has a new clown." May Janey rest in peace.

    Keep the faith G.

  3. Seems like Janey lived a life according to her own wishes. I am sorry for you losing another friend. It is sad to know someone with her gift of laughter is no longer making others laugh.

  4. Thank you for honoring her in this post. People move through our lives at their own marching pace and we wish we could throw the dice so that they get a better chance.

  5. I really miss you Fun-B, it was an extreem Pleasure working with you the past 10 years at the Padres and lots of other jobs, It will never be the same without you. I have learned alot from you and having you at Johnny's Party last July was Great, and he will never forget you, neither will I . Thanks for everything. John

  6. So sorry you have lost such a courageous talented friend. Cherish your memories and may Janey rest in peace.

  7. Your post makes me feel like I;ve met Janey. She sounds so full of life, marching to her own rhythm, and enjoying life to its fullest. What a wonderful tribute. Thoughts are with you in a hard time.


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