May 16, 2010

Model T's and Foo Dogs

Steps up to the rumble seat of a Model T, 2010. Most photographs Copyright G.

Himself: Drove Model Ts, museum docent, dinner with the Feasters.

Herself: Model T’s, wrote, napped, read, dinner with the Feasters. Wasn’t herself yesterday….even forgot to put on real shoes….vs house shoes.

A blog you might like: Kay writes from the perspective of a third age woman who has survived the vicissitudes of life with humor.

Reading: Miss Reed.

Gratitude: That I didn’t wreck a car, G and an evening with Feasting friends. All our prayers are with Feaster Dr. P who now goes in for 33 bouts of radiation and 6 weeks of chemo.

Today’s to be a quiet day. You know these days.

I broke one of our Foo dogs…..and he must be glued together so we all will stay protected and healthy. Or well balanced. And too I need to take in two pair of pants.

I can do much of this sitting.

After recovering from yesterday’s crash where I at least did not wreck the
visiting Model T, it probably would be a good thing to behave myself today.

The skies are foggy and grey encouraging me to sit or read, sew, or even get
three or four small projects done. I continue to walk things down to the car
on their way to the Discovery shop feeling quite triumphant to be doing this.
I keep poking G to clean his closet….a futile act if I ever saw one. Tonight
I become a trash person at our Sunday Night Speakers Meeting.

Sometimes balance is as much about trash as it is about Foo Dogs.
But you never know.


  1. Looks like yesterday was fun. Is the Miss Reed you are reading the series set in England?

  2. Lovely cars.
    'And too I need to take in two pair of pants.'
    How I long for that day - as long as they're mine;)

  3. Sometimes I feel like you are teasing us. What kind of accident were you in? Did you get hurt? What happened?

  4. You crashed a Model T? Did they run you off?I do not have an ornamental Foo Dog...I hate dusting stuff...would it really help my balance if I had one?

  5. What a fascinating piece of history you were able to enjoy.
    Hope the crash wasn't too bad, as for the Foo Dog, hmmm that's another story.
    A fun day out, thank you for sharing !

  6. You make me smile and laugh out loud! What fun, in the model T! And good grief, a crash! What a day!

    And your little Foo Dog - I am sure your balance will be restored when the doggy is. I think I need one. Or even six.

  7. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?


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