June 23, 2010

A Beautiful Pool

A marble hand rail down into the Greek pool in front of the main house at Hearst Castle. Below: A colonnade next to the pool, and a ceiling view of the colonnade on the left side of the pool. 2010.

Himself: Swam, got a good walk in, grocery shopping, and “I don’t remember” about anything else.

Herself: Swam, blogged, and dug into building a template and cover of the chapbook. It’s kind of wishy-washy looking, but it’s a start. I’m calling it, “Biography, a few collected moments.” The cover, acknowledgements, contents, and page 4 are begun. Today no swim as I am going to the dentist for my cleaning then to the store to work on the books.

Books: Finished
Dana Stabenow’s “The Singing of the Dead” which leaves me wondering why I haven’t read more of her work.

Gratitude: For my doggedness in that I was able to make a template that works and looks good too.

After spending the day frustrated with my design capabilities, I had one of those moments yesterday while we were out grocery shopping. I knew just what I was going to write about. Clearly. By the time I got home with my arms filled with shopping bags, my head was blank.

No passion, no action, no intelligence, just rote reaction. Put the groceries away, read for a while, make bean burritos…..now those were good, and work creating pages for the chap book. I could do this. Wishy-washy but a start…..and I have learned a lot about Office 2007.

Note to self: Put a pen and note book in your backpack.


  1. I DO put a pen and notebook in my purse and then it becomes the mystery to figure out what in the hell I wrote in these notes!

  2. ...AND why I found them so compelling when I wrote them and so mundane in the cold light of a blank blogpage.

  3. Those pics of the pool were great for us today as it's well into the 90s with high humidity.

    Great that you worked through your ennui!

  4. I was there such a long time ago. Seeing your photos make me want to go back for another look.


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