June 27, 2010

And A Graduation

Moriah with diploma in hand. 2010.

Himself: Cares no matter what. When he took me on, he took on all those unexpected grandkids. There are occasions when I want either to divorce him or seal him into a closet forever, and then there are the days when he is my shining star. Like this weekend.

Herself: Most of you know that many of our grandkids were adopted into families that already had kids or adopted other children later. They all became ours, and we really appreciate these kids’ parents and the efforts they make daily to raise these children in wonderful environments. Dan has Learning Disabilities, and his sister Moriah has ADHD. There has been a long struggle to get them through school, and now they move on into college. (Names changed so OD is happy.)

Gratitude: Moriah and Dan’s parents.

We are awfully proud of Moriah. School has been a struggle for her….and she won. Parents and environment really matter. Hard work really matters. Most of all, love matters.

Two hours of music, speeches and ceremony, marked the end of another life stage and a move on into another. We schmoosed, hugged….never enough, and ate in the patio of a little cottage they own following the graduation. We are so grateful these kids ended up in the arms of these wonderful parents.


  1. Congratulations! What a gorgeous, stunning girl! How proud you must all be! What a wonderful day!

  2. You do indeed have much to be proud of. Congratulations.

  3. What a joy it is to see your children or your children's children make their way in life. Does she have any idea what she would like to do next?

  4. Great photography! AND you say you are not knowledgeable. What camera do you use?

  5. Beautiful and smart -- it doesn't get better than that!!!!! Kudos and congrats!!!!!

  6. Such a joyous occasion!! Congratulations to Moriah. I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful journey! And congrats to her parents -- they deserve cudos!

  7. Well done Moriah. What a lovely young woman.
    I remember my # 1 son's graduation as one of my happiest days. Not that I think any less of my less academic son. They are both stars to their Mum.

  8. You can certainly use the oil disaster stats but you have to credit Newsweek...they compiled them. Thanks for the info. I own the same camera a little later model, which I have just packed in a box and sent to CAnon for repair as the auto focus when on zoom gets stuck. Lets hope the $150 is better than buying a new one (which I really want but hubby is totally against).

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  10. Congrats on the grads! Just stopping by to catch up on whats going on! Love the quilt and the cross stitch poodles! What a find. You know I am all about anything doggie :)


  11. A beautiful girl, a joyous occasion. Wonderful pictures. Just about perfection.

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