July 27, 2010

2: Photographing Comic Con

Voldemort ignored 3, CC2010.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Stop in here to see his photos of Comic Con posted daily. Swam, job hunted, applied for jogs, took chair back, grocery shopped, cleaners. Joint decision to be a warrantee. Ah, busy bee.

Herself: Monday’s are always insane: Talk with Bee, swim, meeting, chair to Hillcrest, grocery shop at Costco, Henry’s, and Stumps, read for an hour, dinner, play with photos.

Gratitude: That wonderful camera.

The Blue Quilt
I haven’t quite figured out the format I want to use to record making this quilt. It’s a simpler pattern than any other I’ve ever done, and I should have less struggle with the cutting. Nothing is easy for me as a quilter, but I love working with colors and the textures of the soft cotton fabrics.

I thought I would show you a little of what I’m doing with the Comic Con images. I’m not at all a professional photographer….even the Geezer is often better, but I enjoy taking them and working with them no end. You may get very tired of looking at these, but I confess to years of them just waiting to even be seen by me now hidden away on my hard drive.

To alter a snapshot, crop, delete bits, play with the image and create what you see here, I’m here for an hour or so per photograph with a middle-aged Photoshop. I confess that I’ve had no lessons. Everything I do with this program is trial and error. Often just error. Usually it’s lots of fun. When I start cursing, I know I am tired.

Today I show you three of the shots I worked on yesterday. Yes, the one with the twins I put up Monday….but it’s been changed. The Voldemort photograph has vastly more meaning and power with the background simplified and the people blurred and inattentive.

Here are the girls. By subtracting the distracting background and smoothing out the edges, suddenly the girls too have new meaning. No, I don’t know the show, video, or book their characters are taken from, but the next lady is from “Trauma.”

This bloody bride image hasn’t been as well done as the others, and I will have to redo it later.

Unaltered is this image of an imaginative lady in her power chair. Steampunk rolls along in style here complete with fishnet stockings.


  1. The bride is truly scary. I mean....truly! The Voldemort image is striking. You have an excellent eye!

  2. Bless the lady in the motorized vehicle for being able to enjoy her passion!!! The bride...neither interesting or compelling. Your work on the other photos is really good...of course, this critique is from someone who also has never had any photo software lessons!

  3. I have never tried photoshop, but have fiddled around a bit with Picasa. It is fun, but I don't know what I am doing. I should just take a class-but I can't imagine when that would work into my life schedule.....I will just keep with trial and error...Lots of error.

  4. Maggie, I want to learn more about Photoshop. Does one have to download a program?

  5. The commentary with the photoshop results may just teach me something. The twins thing is just exceptional! I'm no expert but I know what I like.


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