July 31, 2010

Blurred in Passing

From far, far away, Comic Con, 2010.

Himself: Swam, ran errands, job searched, estate sale, a simple dinner and games.

Herself: No swimming as I felt $#@^^()_(^, caught up with reading blogs, shuffled books twice, estate sale in this wonderful period piece of a home in Mission Hills…and I had my camera with me, home, and still reading the Stabenow books. Computer returns today. Open Diary, where I am Day Tripper, is down. Today: Get computer, find more medium blue for the quilt, and write a short piece about quilting with a learning disability. Punting, another words.

Gratitude: This old, cranky computer is working….knock on wood and cross my fingers.

I spent a few hours after dinner playing with my Comic Con pictures. G came home, just stuck his onto his blog, and he’s done with them. I’m just now getting half way through the second disc. One and a half to go. I don’t think that going through endless pictures taken at Comic Con is an onerous thing, but you might.

Not only are many of the images blurred….I was rolling right along and they were all moving the other direction, but many of the shots are from the rear. My view point was just a bit limited. Fractionally.

Comic Con did offer magic glimpses of imaginary, far off worlds, fantasy Steampunk, and Medieval arts and crafts.


  1. Fabulous fun! I do SO want to see more Steampunk!

  2. I agree that at a place like this you can never take too many photos. My instinct would be to crop out more of the peripheral stuff and zoom in on the item of focus. I know that you are not asking for any critique...but you are a cool old soul and will take it for what it costs!

  3. I think it's really neat that so many are so very into this. It looks like wonderful fun.

  4. It all looks so crazy and funny and seductive. You are so lucky to be able to attend every year.

  5. Aren't we lucky to have digital cameras these days? Think how expensive it would have been to photograph a show like Comic Con when we were younger. Nice shots by the way.


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