July 3, 2010


Taken March 10, 2010 but where I do not know….probably Fort Rosecrans.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Swam, went to an estate sale, picked up cleaning, he called to say thank you for the “We will let you know in three to four weeks”, and after I got off work he took the rest of the weekend off. Malls, kiosk to fix M’s watch, and Fashion Valley to “The Last Airbender,” salad for dinner, games bed.

Herself: Ditto G’s day and throw in worked at store, and bored with movie. I thought it was good for kids, and G thinks it was planned to show off the 3D process. Not worth seeing or rent it later.

Gratitude: A day with G where we let go we even looked in the new Microsoft store where we windowshopped a great laptop. G had a ball.

I’m not the most overtly patriotic person in the world, and I am not a great flag waver. Why I started photographing flags back when I had .2 pixels to use, I don’t know. I still show those grainy shots every year and continually keep my eye out for new flag shots everywhere I go.

You know I’ve failed when you hear the cry, “Oh, No, I forgot my camera!”

Often I go around the block a second time to get a shot. After 9/11, a crew member on the Star of India brought in a garrison sized flag to fly off her stern. That was drama for you, and I drove home to get my camera just for that shot. I love the image of the giant flag flying off the side of the dry dock at the sub base, but it is very grainy no matter how I fool with it. I’ve never been able to duplicate this shot with a better camera. Other times, I will find one flag flying in the middle of nowhere, or in contrast I’ll find hundreds visible all at once up on Fort Rosecrans.

Usually I Photoshop the picture. I confess. Perhaps today’s picture was better with the flag flying out of a little clump of trees. I didn’t think that. Some images I just sharpen up for this medium. Other shots I just crop or increase the contrast. I’m not the most dramatic photographer in the world either.

It’s a three day weekend, so I thought I’d show three days of flags. Then again, I think the Geezers flag shot of the day a better photograph. What can I say.


  1. Happy 4th and happy mid-summer.

  2. Your post really puts me in the mood to celebrate this happy day! I have a feeling the neighbors are going to go crazy with fireworks.

  3. Went out and bought a new flag after reading your post! We had to destroy the old one last year -- it had gotten so torn and ratty.
    Have a nice 4th!

  4. I share you patriotism sentiments. At the same time I've been taking flag shots for years trying to duplicate that perfect picture 45 years ago--a flag furled at a half curl with the sun shining behind it back lighting to perfection.

    We also saw last airbender and I agree with you. I was disappointed all in all.


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