July 16, 2010

A Zepplin named Eureka in our skies yesterday.

The heat and humidity grew throughout the day until around four, the skies began to darken. We still packed our picnic salad off to the bay and people and boat watched happily for an hour or so as the weather worsened.

We watched the aircraft take off and land on North Island. A car carrier glided out to sea. Sail boats and tourist duck boats bobbed in its wake. Dog walkers wandered by us with smiles for our giant blue salad bowl. Far off in downtown, hanging on the side of the Hilton, was a giant banner. As sprinkles appeared, I suggested we wander that way to see what in heaven’s name it was.

Though tomorrow is Pride and all its attendant color and delight, the following weekend is Comic-Con with all its drama and confusions. Downtown is readying itself for Comic-Con. Scott Pilgrim, who I had never heard of, VS Comic-Con the half hung banner tells us. After looking him up, I understand. It was good to understand that the long promised railroad crossing bridge is almost done for Petco Park too. We drove home in 100% humidity and luscious big raindrops.


  1. It was a glorious day. I was driving home when the rain started. What a joy it is to smell the dusty smell of life coming from the sky.

  2. That's a weird looking bridge--like it's half falling or something...is that just the way you shot it?

  3. The word humidity anywhere, even in a blog post, and I'm out of there.

  4. We've been having that kind of day here, too: hot, humid, sudden intense rain, sunshine, hot humid. I'm having trouble breathing in the humidity. Never had that happen before.


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