August 26, 2010

Ten Syllables

SCANDANAVIAN HIGHWAY leaving San Diego Harbor, 2009.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Swam, worked at home, dinner with Don…”It was a good day.” A favorite TV show too.

Herself: …and the quilt blog too: Blogging and reading blogs….yes, I’m reading all my favorites but have less time to note. Swam…still vastly less pain with the exercises done in the deep water, worked on poem, worked with the books and the sale ended, came home to work on poem, dinner and a trip to Frye’s to return something of Don’s, home and “Top Chef.”

My Babylonian Captivity: Do stop in and read Tugster's newest blog. For Tugster was captured in Iran when Iraq invaded, and this is the story of that time.

Gratitude: Lessa who calls and laughs in the midst of tons of little things going wrong in her world.

Hey, the world moves on around me, and I keep my focus on 10 syllables a line.

It’s seems an endless count since I began this little project. 14 lines, ten syllables a line, and it all broken into three groups of six, six, and two lines. Did I say it has to make sense? There’s the rub, as Shakespeare said. Sometimes it seems to make sense, and other times, I just end up counting lines and altering the text till nothing makes sense.

It’s been good for me to do this project.

It’s’ also been good for me to think about stopping quilting. I love the fabrics, I love the colors, but creating a finished project is such a struggle for me that I’m thinking of giving my fabrics away. Because this blue quilt is laid out in such a public spot, it seems to be creeping along at a slightly faster pace than my usual quilts.

So I write a non rhyming sonnet about quilting. Is there such a thing?

I read it at eleven o’clock this morning.


  1. Thinking of stopping quilting . . . as sad as it sounds, I think we all have to reassess our values and decide what's really important to us to accomplish. If I haven't figured it out at 68, will I ever? I've been having the same thoughts about when it's the right time to give up all my beloved fabric collection that I was so sure I would make marvelous things with when I acquired them. Truth is, there just isn't enough time left to do all I wanted to do . . . someday. Guess it's time to focus less on someday and more on right here, now. et tu, Mage?

  2. Some of my projects sit for a while -- then I go back to them and work for a bit -- it took me over 12 years to complete a rug I hooked! but all things have their time.

  3. I seem to spend a lot of time reassessing things. I managed to rule out spinning in my life this week. I don't want to do it anymore, and I have no space for a spinning wheel and fiber to spin. It seems everyday I need to reassess something.

  4. We all have only so much time.

  5. It's all a matter of do you want to continue or do you feel you should? At this stage in life, I think we're allowed to opt out of those committments made to ourselves if we no longer feel the same.

  6. Lots of stuff going on over there! Sounds as though you are busy. My sister had a great fabric collection. Now that she died, it has been hard to see it go. I know that she had lots of projects planned for it. I have no talent, and would not be able to do anything with it. We have given most of it away. I only hope that someone like you would be able to make something beautiful from it.
    Great photos.

  7. I have done one quilt in my life and it was when I had a great hole to fill. I'm not a natural born quilter - or a natural born anything with my hands.
    Do you ever just do nothing Maggie? I doubt it somehow:)


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