September 24, 2010

Discoveries (EDIT)

The many layered Horton Plaza shopping center which was at the heart of the rebuilding of our central downtown area. 2010.

As himself headed out into a normal day with wrecks, he dropped me off at the doctor’s office for the stress test.

Soon I was radioactive, drank tons of water, had pictures taken of my heart by a robot, walked a treadmill….poorly and as the slant grew I panted more than usual as not only do I not walk…I never walk uphill, and had more pictures taken by the robot again. Isn’t that exciting?

I was appalled over my panting…but they said nothing. They will call me and tell me everything else I need to know, and I can have my doctor fill out a form to clear my driver’s license.

Off to the bus only to discover the direction of the bus routes had changed, to discover the bathroom at CVS locked because of the homeless, to discover that there were no transfers any more from bus to bus, and that Horton Plaza was swarming with Swat Team members when I arrived. I dug out my camera, am I the only person who takes a camera to the doctor’s office, to shoot the fully restored and operational Balboa theater, only to be a bit frightened by the swat team guys. No girls.

Swat Team heading up to the food court for lunch, 2010.

I discovered that I don’t need to eat a whole burrito for lunch. I liked that discovery. And after a day in the sun, I discovered that even a much appreciated book couldn’t keep me awake once I was settled into my favorite chair.

Once I woke, I discovered I should always have my camera with me. The Holland American Line's Ryndam moved slowly past us during dinner by the bay, and I didn't get one single shot of her. And too, this morning I discovered I like having that side bar as a space to write things like I answered 58 emails last night, and this morning Lessa called to tell us she got her federal work/study grant. It brings her just to the poverty level....a discovery that made us laugh.

The fully restored Balboa Theater…it had been empty and abandoned just on the edge of the mall for years. 2010.

(EDIT): The SWAT team was there to exercise in the maze that's Horton Plaza, and this noon, I'm being given a ride to see Marion. This evening, we are off to visit a big convention and attend the opening meeting. We have discovered we like this sort of thing. Tomorrow, I can be found dancing while wearing chiffon, beads, and my hair being weird. But, oh boy will it be fun to go dancing even if I have to nap between dances. Yup, probably no blog until Monday.....when I will tell all.....


  1. Will be anxious to hear the report. You weren't kidding when you said they suspended your license! Never heard of such. Have a good day today.

  2. Glad you're home. Stress test probably showed nothing much, or they would have kept you there. Lesson: always carry a camera. I wouldn't be caught without it.

  3. Only you can make an adventure out of Horton Plaza. Then again, it really IS a giant maze.

  4. Yikes, your driver's license! Glad you got it back and some peace of mind. I'd need a nap too after all that. Loved your pictures, especially of the theater. I'm always glad to see those things saved from decay. I'm going to post a picture on my blog of our Macy's which is in an old theater, hope you like it.

  5. Just be sure that the handy camera gets good photos of the dance, and you all dolled up! We all will want to see so that we can feel that we were there with you!

  6. Just imagining you and G. smooth, suave, and dancing brings light to my soul. Take care. Have fun. Good news about Lessa.

  7. I very much doubt you're the only one who carries a camera everywhere with you! Sometimes I forget, but I'm usually glad when I remember and I'm always glad you do. The colors are beautiful, and the angles are very interesting. (Glad to know things are good so far. Will check in to learn the results. Crossed fingers!)

  8. Wondered why the SWAT team was there!
    Lovely shopping center and that renovated theater is beautiful! So very California looking.
    Hope the visit with Marion went well.


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