September 25, 2010

Rolling in the Isles

Roses from the hotel courtyard. April, 2010.

Trivia from the day: We are back out in the AA convention land…one covering eight counties…unfortunately with under 1000 attendees. Appalling…perhaps a reflection of the economy. Met lots of online AA people who know other friiends of AA online. While our friends in Comptche chill at 51 (10.55C) degrees F, we bask in the warmth of 66 F (18.888 C) outside at 0700. The hotel courtyards are filled with roses, and I shall haul my camera with me today as well as my dancing shoes…it’s a very informal group so no chiffon or bling for the ball. Lead speaker had us rolling in the isles with laughter about some really ugly stuff last night. We truly are a sick bunch.

Physical: Slight nausea yesterday morning even with the changed amount of coffee. Today, tho I knew I was wrong, I changed the coffee and had toast for breakfast before meds instead of after. I should only change one thing at a time if we are too figure out things from this end…shame on me.

Tests: Tilt table scheduled for Tuesday at seven. I hope this will be the last of the tests and we will find out something soon even if it is nothing. Daughter Lenora driving me….thank you dear you. G has the DMV forms all ready to take up to get my driver’s license back.

Today and Sunday: AA, more AA, and a soupcon of Alanon to help create a balance. (Editorial remarks removed.) G saw Ba yesterday and hugged her. Hopefully there will not be a repeat of this bipartisan chicanery today. He said it left her speechless. Today there’s a gathering for those with 30 years or more sobriety. I shall go be in the audience for that meeting. Sunday night we are taking both Don and Dr. Jay to dinner before yet another meeting. So by…..

Monday: ….we will both be worn out and my head will be in a great place with all the meetings and socialites while my hip will be dead. Sometimes all you can do is laugh at yourself.


  1. Whirl and twirl and enjoy your time!

  2. Wow! Those are really magnificent photos of roses. I just happen to LOVE them.

  3. I hope you have survived all that by today. I should think it was exhausting but inspirational and the roses are a joy.

  4. The roses are wondrous!
    I think your commitment to AA is commendable.
    Not sure I could sit through all those meetings. I tend to get really antsy.


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