September 17, 2010

Sleep, sleep....

Two WWII British pilots taking a brief break during the blitz. Title: RAF; Media: Graphite; Size: 3 feet x 3 feet; Artist: MGH; Date: 1985. I might have looked like that yesterday. Photo: May 2010.

I slept most of the day, and that was good. No more fainting and no more nausea but really shakey while attempting to make dinner. If it happens again at any time, I will call the doctor. This morning, I’m fine just very wary.

Kay took Georganna to the poets group, and there were four poets there. Georganna had no problem getting in and out of Kay’s car. We discussed this later in a phone call….switching rides for Georganna as I feel she can’t get up to Grumpy’s seat easily….tho she can get out. If she wants to leave early, we have a problem.

Kay also stopped to see Marion. She’s got the use of one lung now, and is on morphine. She sleeps most of the time, but was awake when Kay got there….good timing.

Today I am going to ease my way back into my normal routine. Swim….while they jump up and down, I will paddle. Work at the Discovery Shop….sitting most of the time. G managed a better schedule yesterday. He only was uploading things to his computer until seven thirty pm instead of until ten thirty pm. Marion would not be proud of me as I kept saying things.


  1. What is happening to you health-wise? The last number of posts seem like a different person. Please do take dear care of yourself.

  2. Interesting print.
    Might want to have your blood pressure/blood sugar checked. Take care, Maggie.

  3. I love you and think that all the emotion along with changes changes changes can take its toll.

    Life is not easy, and that never ceases to amaze me.

    I am traveling this week and will miss you most of the time (Phoenix and San Fran) but will be thinking of you every day and look forward to catching up on turns of events when I get home.

    Be safe and careful for yourself.


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