October 5, 2010

Back to the Future

I managed to tidy and pick up a few rooms yesterday before nesting with my new to me copy of Palin’s “Around the World in 80 Days.” Was this his first book? I think so as “Sahara” is a far better read and is better laid out. I’m still very glad to have it, and it fit well with my feeling poorly day yesterday. Perhaps a bit of food poisoning from Sunday night's dinner.

No Palin for me this morning. Lenora is taking me to the dentist for the first molds for my new, replacement partial. This may sound boring….”Oh, a trip to the dentist,” but it’s a major step back to the future for me.


  1. As I am getting my teeth cleaned in a few hours...I will be thinking of you while I sit laid back and mouth open.

  2. You're making progress, keep working at it. We're pulling for you.

  3. That image of the rose will get you through anything!

  4. hopefully you will be smiling soon again.

  5. Sounds good to me -- I envy you!!!!

  6. You scared the dickens out of me when you said "Palin" book. For a minute I thought you meant the Alaskan Palin, and I almost screamed. Thank goodness! I would have been so disappointed.


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